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How does kinetic sand stay together?


Table of Contents:

It’s amazingly wonderful that kinetic sand stick and stay together. Kinetic sand comprises 98% fine regular sand and 2% silicone oil.

Silicones are polymers that are made up of molecules with long chains of repeating units that make the sand stretchy. In kinetic sand, the polymer chains within the silicone oil make the sand particles stay together so you could mold and shape anything with it.

The polymer is also responsible for the dense like fluid consistency of the sand and its unique qualities of never drying out, and it only sticks to itself.

So expect this silicone-oil-coated sand to never be sticky, and it’s mess-free.

Kinetic sand would never fail to give fun and joy for both kids and adults. It’s a sensory toy and creative toy that was genuinely well-made and conceived to offer a very good opportunity for kids and adults to truly feel and experience the outstanding properties it has to offer.

By staying together, kinetic sand allows anyone to easily mold and create shapes. Kinetic means togetherness due to movement and energy. It has the components to stay together especially when force is applied to it.

After Thoughts

The edge of kinetic sand is a great combination of regular sand that’s coated with silicone oil produced this special sand that stays together, does not dry out, it only sticks to itself, it does not contain water so there would no bacteria and germs in it, and it’s a moldable and malleable.

That is a load of super extra qualities that you could only find in kinetic sand. It has an original concept that has taken the kids by storm. It remains to be one of the best and hottest toys ever made.

It’s here to stay for good!

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