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How to clean kinetic sand off toys?


Kids love playing with kinetic sand for its silky texture that could be molded into lots of different shapes and things. It's very easy to clean up since it sticks together and only to itself.

They could mold things free-handedly or they could use an array of plastic molds to make everything imaginable and thinkable from towers, castles, turtles, dinosaurs, and a lot more. They could also use plastic trays and sandboxes when playing with kinetic sand.

One distinct quality of kinetic sand is it never dries out. It's made of 98% fine sand coated with 2% silicone oil. It doesn't contain any water making it safe against germs and bacteria.

It will only stick to your hand or other toys if they're wet. There also no need to worry or be alarmed since kinetic sand would easily be removed as soon as your hands or toys get dry.

But what if you want to clean kinetic sand off your toys?

If your kid is using plastic molds and other plastic toys while playing with kinetic sand, you could clean it by taking out any kinetic sand residues by turning it into a ball and dap the remaining ones with. Then if you wish to wash the plastic toys, you could all small ones in a mesh bag and the larger ones in your dishwater rack. Set it in the normal setting or sanitizing setting and should be heated dry.

Once the cycle is done, remove all the plastic toys and let it air dry completely or you could wipe it with paper towels just to make sure they're totally dry.

You can also disinfect or sanitize all plastic toys using the following:

Clorox or Lysol wipes - Wipe the toys thoroughly and leave its surface wet for at least 10 seconds to sanitize with a wipe. Then rinse it with warm water and let it air dry.

A rag that is wet with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution - Wipe the toys using the cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Leave it for 10 seconds, then rinse the toys with warm water. Let them completely dry

With 1/2 cup household bleach and one gallon of water - Wipe the toys using a rag with this solution and leave it for five minutes to disinfect fully and let it air dry. Always make a fresh bleach solution each time. Rinse your toys with warm water, and let it completely dry again.

These are all safe and proven ways to clean, sanitize, and disinfect plastic toys. Rinsing them with warm water would remove all the remnants of the cleaning solutions.

Cleaning plush toys in the washer

Remove all the residue of kinetic sand in stuffed toys and animals. Then you could clean it in your washing machine. Check all the care labels just to be sure. Then proceed in cleaning them.

  • Put all the plush toys in a pillowcase and close and seal the top
  • Set your washer in the gentle cycle, warm water, and a slow spin setting
  • Dry the toys in your dryer
  • You could also use a hairdryer starting with the low heat, and speed settings then put it in the medium setting when toys are half dry

How to clean plush toys of kinetic sand that can't be washed?

Some toys might be too delicate that cleaning their surfaces would be best for them. Remove remnants of kinetic sand first; then you could do these simple steps to clean them.

  • Submerge a rag in a warm soapy solution and wipe the toys
  • Rinse it using a rug that you've dipped in water by wiping them
  • Allow the toys to air dry or use a hairdryer for faster drying
  • To ensure they are clean without washing,  steam them using a garment steamer and lastly, vacuum the toys thoroughly

How to clean kinetic sand from electronic toys?

Electronic toys could only be cleaned on their surfaces. Remove all the batteries in the toys before cleaning. Remove the traces of kinetic sand in them using your hands.

  • Use a clean rag that was dipped in a warm soapy water solution and wipe the toys very well
  • Pay special attention to all its parts but be careful with their electrical wirings
  • Rinse it with a clean damp rag and air dry completely
  • To clean it from bacteria and viruses, you could use a disinfecting wipe, an alcohol wipe, or a rag that was dipped in a mixture of four teaspoons of chlorine bleach to one quart of water to wipe the toys. Let it stay for 5 minutes before you wipe it again with a rag dipped in warm water. Let it air dry again

After Thoughts

Kinetic Sand is the best play sand of today that is essential to tactile learning, development of fine motor skills, and cognitive functions in kids. It also provides one of the easiest to clean ever that it's possible to be mess-free.

By squeezing, squishing, and molding it, kids would learn a lot about themselves and their environment and have super enjoyment at the same time. It would allow them to discover, explore, and create with this open-ended phenomenal toy!

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