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How to fix dried out kinetic sand?


Table of Contents:

Kinetic sand is the newest play sand to beat that has a sand-like wet look with a silky and smooth texture that could be easily manipulated to conform and be remolded over and over again under a little force of pressure.

Kids and adults love its satisfying and calming effect with multiple uses, and it's very educational.

Kinetic Sand consists of sand coated with silicone oils that are squeezable, reshapeable, moldable, and very flexible. What's fantastic about this sand is it has both properties of semi-solid and a smooth solid when used.

Its most outstanding feature is it only sticks to itself. Ordinary wet sand would stick to your hands and could be very messy at play. On the other hand, since kinetic sand only sticks to itself, it does not almost create a mess when it's time for clean-up.

The best method to have a mess-free play with kinetic sand is to gather the small pieces using ball-shaped kinetic sand. Just dab and efficiently collect all the pieces around, and you don't have any mess at all!

When your kinetic sand gets a bit dry or has dried out due to the humidity in your environment, there's a very easy way to revive it, so it looks like and feels like new again. It's a quick and easy solution to your dried out kinetic sand.

Just put a few drops of water using a dropper and mix your kinetic sand. Observe if it goes back to its original texture and consistency. Add a little more drops of water as needed. Don't put too much water, and make sure you put drops of water a little at a time until your kinetic sand is back to normal.

After Thoughts

Kinetic sand is so easy to fix if it gets dried out or crumbly. It truly revivable to return to its wonderful soft texture again. It's one sensory and creative play that could last a long-time and even a lifetime.

The invention of kinetic sand has been a breakthrough for its many wonderful features that're great for kids and adults.

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