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How to fix kinetic sand that got wet?


Table of Contents:

Kinetic sand is made up of 98% fine ordinary sand that is coated with 2% silicone oil that is magical. The particular oil added has also had unique components made of silicon and oxygen.

What makes it lovable to kids and adults are its plenty of amazing qualities such as:

  • It only sticks to itself
  • It’s squishable and squeezable
  • It’s moldable and reshapable, and it goes back to its original state
  • It has a silky texture that highly manipulatable
  • It’s safe and non-toxic
  • You revive it over and over again
  • It’s almost mess-free
  • improve their motor skills
  • It enhances the creativity and imagination of kids
  • It provides satisfying and calming effects to both kids and adults
  • It doesn’t contain water thus, it’s not susceptible and prone to bacteria and germ
  • It’s flexible, and it could be pulled, flatten, and molded into different shapes
  • Kinetic sand helps develop finger-based skills for kids

This special sand is designed not to get wet at all. But there’s no need to worry if your kinetic has gotten wet. You could bring it to its original texture by simply spreading it out and let it dry naturally. Let it air dry, and it would return to its original state.

Wet kinetic sand would stick to other surfaces that include your hands, so make sure to let it completely dry in a couple of hours. It would be ready to be reused over and over again.

After Thoughts

The kinetic sand is incredible in properties since there is no need for water to be able to do a lot of molding. It makes building and constructing shapes, structures, and figures a lot easier and cleaner.

Kinetic sand provides the best sand playing adventures for kids and the best stress reliever for adults.  It brings a great sand building experience right into your home without having to go to the beach at all.

It’s the most awesome toy to have for your kids to enjoy and learn from any time and almost anywhere too!

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Copyright © HappyGiftsForKids 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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