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How to get kinetic sand stain out of carpet?


Table of Contents:

Kids love playing with kinetic sand indoors. And sometimes adults would play in the living room with a carpet. It’s designed not to be messy at all, being wonderful fine sand that’s coated with silicone oil that makes it stick to just itself. However, if it gets in your carpet in any event, here are easy ways to get it out.

Pick all the sand that you could

First, try to form a ball out of your kinetic sand, and dab as many loose pieces on the carpet. Next, you could sweep your carpet to take out all residues in the carpet. Make sure they are out of your carpet’s strands or fibers. Don’t put too much pressure on the carpet that the pieces of sand might spread more than it should.

Use club soda to get out the sand

It’s one of the most popular cleaning hacks to get rid of dirt or stains on your carpet effectively. It’s proven even for stubborn stains like bloodstains. Just spray club soda on the area of your carpet with kinetic sand. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then use a brush to remove the loose sand or use a steam vac to clean your carpet.

Use a natural vinegar cleaning agent

Make your vinegar solution using white vinegar measuring 1/3 cup and 2 to 3 cups of distilled water. It’s better than tap water since it would not distract any of the particles in your sand, and it’s cleaner and safer.

Using the combined mixture, put it in a spray bottle and spray it to the areas in your carpet you want to clean. Let your carpet absorb the solution for about two minutes, and you could repeat this process as needed. After this, wipe your carpet with a rag dipped in water. Wipe it until there are no traces of vinegar left.

Vacuum your carpet

This step should be done after you’re finished with any of the three steps above. Make sure you removed all the kinetic sand in your carpet before doing this final step.

You could use your ordinary vacuum to do this. Turn on your vacuum and start vacuuming your carpet. Do it a couple of times until your carpet is back to looking new again.

After Thoughts

As you could see, it’s not very hard to take off kinetic sand in your vacuum. It doesn’t require much either. Kinetic sand is one of the easiest to clean after playing.

Most even attested that kinetic sand is mess-free and stress-free for them. Its clean-up is a lot faster and easier than clay or playdough and ordinary sand.

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