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How to keep kinetic sand from drying out?


Table of Contents:

Kinetic Sand is an innovative educational game. Children love to mess around on the beach with wet sand, but this sand that breathes motion and seems to have a life of its own is here now.

It resembles wet sand in its looks and properties, but it's unique because it's 98% fine ordinary sand with 2% magic additive. The 2% is a silicone oil that coats the sand that would only stick to itself and never dry out.

This amazing play sand has no smell, non-toxic, safe, nice to hold in your hands, and is very convenient to use. It's magical as it's not sticky, wet, cold, or slippery, and it would run through your finger, thus making you feel pleasant sensations and a calming feeling. It helps with the kids in their development of fine motor skills of their hands and tactile sensations.

The original Kinetic sand is squeezable sand that is so oddly satisfying. You can't put it down! Made with natural sand, Kinetic Sand would magically stick together and never dries out. So you could create again, and again, and again!

This is your oh-so-satisfying signature sand that's so flexible to stretch, slice, squeeze and squish, which is the one and only, the original, the sand that you can't-put-it-down. There are so many ways to play and unlimitedly build, slice, flow, grow! There's no limit to how you can create and play with Kinetic Sand at all.

One of my favorite things that the kids love to do is to build wonderful structures, things, and sandcastles. It's now readily available anytime just right in your home with kinetic sand.

Kinetic sand could last truly a long time, and it's designed to never dry out. To keep your kinetic sand from drying, it would be best to keep in an airtight container, Ziploc bags, or Tupperware containers when not used.

After storing kinetic sand, you could play it over and over again. You could put a few drops of water using a dropper and knead it, and it's ready to be played again.

Even though Kinetic Sand won't dry out, it's highly recommendable to keep it in a resealable container. This would help keep it together in one place, and it would stay dust-free!

After Thoughts

Make it a point to take care of your kinetic sand and would last a long time. It's a great toy with great texture that holds its shape, and that offers easy-clean-up.

It's incredibly a clever product that doesn't dry out and doesn't stick to anything except itself. Kinetic sand is amazing for kids out there, and parents who love stuff that's easy to clean, last long, and not stressful to have!

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