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How is kinetic sand made?


Kids love to play with sand, especially wet beach sand. They could build those sandcastles and towers with. Taking this into a new perspective and level is kinetic sand.

It continues to be a hot toy since it first came out in the market. It covers all the qualities of wet sand, but it's way way better. It looks like wet sand, but it never dries out, it only sticks to itself, and it's so flexible as it could be molded and shaped over and over again.

Aside from being a great sensory toy, it's very enjoyable. It helps kids develop their fine motor skills, social skills, and creativity, and it broadens their imagination even more.

Kids are exposed to having an open-minded play that they could squish, squeeze, and shape this sand as they desire. They could learn how to form, mix, and pour this amazing sand that consists of 98% regular fine sand and 2%.

There are tons of other ways to make kinetic sand other than what's shown here. So feel free to try out other methods if you want to use polydimethylsiloxane or dimethicone, which is also popularly known as simply silicone oil.

The original kinetic sand is made using these materials, and there are no listed hazards for dimethicone which is available in cosmetic supply stores.

How is kinetic sand made? You could make it like the original kinetic sand at home, and there are also other ways to make it using more ordinary materials.

Let's go to the first way to do it using dimethicone. You'll need to buy super-fine sand that's like the one used in the decorative globe. Then purchase some dimethicone 500 to mix with the sand. Prepare a mixing bowl and spoon too. The original kinetic sand does not contain any water at all.

The first step is to dry your sand using your oven at 250°F  for a couple of hours or until it's fully dry. Let it cool overnight. Use 2 grams of dimethicone per 100 grams of sand. Do this per batch at a time. Mix it well. Add some more dimethicone at only 2 grams at a time if your sand is not yet completely covered but don't overdo it.

The other procedure is to use the following:

  • a mixing bowl
  • spoon
  • fine white sand
  • corn starch
  • dish soap
  • food coloring
  • 1 cup of water

Follow the steps to make your kinetic sand using ordinary materials:

  • Make sure your sand is dry and pour 3 to 4 cups of sand into a bowl
  • Add two tablespoons of corn starch to the mixture
  • Integrate the sand and cornstarch well
  • Next is, get a cup of water and 1 tsp of dish soap. Mix the soap and water with a spoon until bubbles appear on top
  • Add around 6 drops of food coloring of your choice into your soap and water solution
  • Pour the solution slowly into your sand
  • Mix everything thoroughly and enjoy your homemade kinetic sand

After Thoughts

The best part of making kinetic sand whether you bought it or made it is, the fun playing time it brings. You kid could also use a plastic knife to cut and slice it. There are also cookie cutters for kids and sandcastle molds that are widely available now.

Store your kinetic sand in an air-tight container, Tupperware, or Ziploc bag. Have your kid have a blast with it for a long time.

Expect your kid to be engrossed and pre-occupied in many hours playing with this innovative toy that is hard to even put down!

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