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How to dispose of kinetic sand?


Table of Contents:

Kinetic Sand is magical sand with a motion that never dries out, and it always stays clumped. It’s great for the developmental skills, creativity, and learning minds of kids. Have the wet beach sand feel in your home anytime.

Kinetic sand resembles wet sea sand, but it contains no water. Kinetic sand is made by coating fine regular sand with silicone oil. It’s made of 98% fine sand and 2% magic ingredient, silicone. The silicone oil is responsible for the sand to be able to flow, move, and be flexible. Kids could freely shape and mold it to create a lot of different wonderful forms.

Kinetic sand is the perfect creative toy that could provide children with hours of interaction, invention, and fun, imaginative play.

Adults are drawn into it as it’s soft and silky that helps relieve stress, anxiety, and tension.

Unlike the beach sand, kinetic sand would never dry out, and it’s long-lasting. Make sure to store the sand in a container with a lid when not in use. Let your kid wash his or her hand before and after playing with kinetic. The hands should be completely dry when playing with it.

Also, wipe your table very well to make sure it’s dry and clean so the sand could be molded more effectively. This sand is very sensitive to humidity and water, and it would lose its silky texture when it becomes wet. If your kinetic sand gets wet, air drying would put it back to its original silky soft texture.

There are no listed hazards for dimethicone, aka silicone oil. It’s non-biodegradable, and it would not be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. It’s best to let your kid work on a tray for a mess-free or easier clean-up.

Kinetic sand is not hazardous to the environment and could be disposed of in the trash. It’s also safe to use outside, and dropping small pieces on the grass is not harmful and would not kill your grass. Just avoid a large amount of kinetic sand lying on the grass as it would prevent it from getting its needed oxygen and moisture. It would cause your grass to die and lose its color.

After Thoughts

Kinetic sand is a great way to keep your kid pre-occupied for long hours, helping them develop their motor and creative skills. It offers truly a productive learning fun play.

It’s also safe and non-toxic for your kid and the environment, which makes it stand-out more as the favorite new creative toy for the kids of this generation.

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