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Are Baby Yoda’s real?


Table of Contents:

There seems to be a lot of mysteries surrounding the real persona of Baby Yoda.  As far as the Star Wars remembers, they first knew of Yoda, the Jedi Master, but there are not many known facts about him. It was never tacked where the Yoda species came from, or even their home planet remains unknown up to this date.

Yoda, the Jedi Master, also became so popular and really left a solid mark on all Star Wars fanatics. His creator, George Lucas, described that he’s a mystery character and a magical Jedi master with no background that just comes and goes.

Unfortunately, Yoda died in The Return of the Jedi, and he was last seen as Force Ghost in that second part of the original trilogy. Yoda looks like an enigmatic elf with longer legs, a pointed hat, and his very famous hand gesture. When Yoda speaks, everyone is all ears and attention.

Here comes the Child that appeared in the new Disney+  series, The Mandalorian, who has a very uncanny resemblance to Yoda, the Jedi Master; hence it was given the Baby Yoda moniker.

Another great fictional character was born in Baby Yoda. In episode two of the series The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda showed trying to use the Force to heal the very much wounded Mando. It was later confirmed that, indeed, Baby Yoda could heal severe wounds. He is a Force-sensitive character to reckon with.

Once again, in episode 2, the Child showed his eminent power when he was able to lift the charging Mud Horn monster with the Force. Could you believe that Baby Yoda used the Force even before he could talk? It’s now evident that he has powers of his own.

There are a lot of theories assumed about Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda might just be a fungus since it’s common knowledge that Jedi’s are not supposed to be together; hence Baby Yoda might be a result of a process that was produced asexually by some kind of fusion. Baby Yoda is a highly-force sensitive and whatever species it came from might be highly processed.

Yoda and Yaddle could be his parents, and they need to hide Baby Yoda in seclusion since they violated the Jedi code.

It could also be possible that Baby Yoda is the reincarnation of Yoda, the master wherein he went to his child’s body in time of his birth and right after his death.

He could also be a product of cloning. After all, that makes him less special.

Could this be a shapeshifter? The Star Wars universe has shapeshifters. No good bounty hunter would dismiss this possibility.

Baby Yoda might be the last remaining of his species, and he is now considered extinct.

Baby Yoda might be a con-man and taking the shots in this game and behind hiring The Mandalorians. Is he just masquerading as to not divulge his true nature?

Baby Yoda is made of Midichlorians that are pretending to be The Child?

After Thoughts

In the end, everything would unfold and be revealed. As for now, viewers are anticipating how Baby Yoda would evolve in The Mandalorians.

Who knows, it might be in one of the theories, or it might be too different to all we’ve expected it to be.

Remember, a long time ago, in a faraway galaxy that this saga began. Star Wars wouldn’t have enough of this wonderful Sci-Fi that became truly a classic for all generations.

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