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Modern Play Kitchen with Fridge and Microwave


Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef's Pretend Play Toy Kitchen – Charcoal

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen – Charcoal

This wooden play kitchen with a fridge and microwave from Melissa and Doug is irresistibly beautiful that comes with more like an oven, stove, sink, and freezer.

The fridge includes a working ice dispenser too. It has one of the most durable pretend play fridge and stove in a set. It offers ample storage space for easy cleanup for the kids after play.

Other innovative features include dials turn, microwave plate spins, includes grocery checklist, has movable hooks, and doors could be opened and closed for more realistic fun play.

It's designed for kids 3 and up. Melissa and Doug's toys take pride in its highest-quality standards to nurture the hearts and minds of every child.


  • Well built, and the instructions are as easy as they could be
  • So realistic
  • This set is so adorable
  • Beautiful
  • Functional
  • Easy to assemble
  • The doors close securely and function more realistically than plastic kitchens
  • Best quality play kitchen


  • Tools are needed to assemble it, but it's almost perfect

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You could add the Melissa and Doug fridge play food to make the interactive kitchen play even more true to life and interactive. It would enhance the play kitchen with this food set that looks delectably delicious.

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set

The Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set has all the essential food that kids would love in the refrigerator like waffles, milk, ice cream, Swiss cheese, butter, frozen vegetables, orange juice, and yogurt.

They are all made from high-quality wood and hand-painted with super awesome graphics. This food set would greatly help promote creative expression in kids and teach about the basic shapes, colors, words, and number recognition.

It's made for kids from 3 years old and up, and it would encourage imaginative pretend play that's exciting, realistic, and fun. Every kid would look forward to a yummy play with this delicious food set.


  • They are realistic and sturdy
  • Adorable toys that could spark the imagination of kids
  • Perfect food set that will last
  • A great addition to a kitchen set
  • The paint and graphics are all very cool


  • They might be also very heavy for the little kids

Where to buy:

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