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Can Baby Yoda become a Mandalorian?


Table of Contents:

Lucasfilm and Disney's first-ever live-action Star Wars two-part series has been a huge success. Its lucky charm and the breakthrough star are The Child, which is now very popularly referred to as Baby Yoda. It was the viewers who gave it its colloquial name since there's nothing known about him.

After season one has ended and season 2 being aired now, there's a lot of signs that there's a great chance that Baby Yoda would become the official second Mandalorian Jedi in the history of Star Wars.

Baby Yoda is 100% Force-sensitive and came from the Yoda species, but it was made known that he is not related nor a descendant of Yoda.

The Mandalorian showed the history and culture of the Mandalorians. It tacked and showcased what happened to Mandalore, and also the rules behind why they don't remove their helmets at all and their connection and past with the Jedi.

Star Wars, the legendary Sci-Fi, had been the melting pot of the countless fantastic characters we all love and remember. In The Mandalorians, the real star is Baby Yoda. The story revolves around him and not about Din Djarin, aka Mando, or rebuilding what the Mandalorians lost after the Seige of Mandalore or about bounty hunting but about him protecting Baby Yoda.

The storyline also focuses on who and where Baby Yoda truly originated. In season 1, Mando was given a bounty for Baby Yoda, and since then, they were inseparable. They formed a very good bond between them.

Viewers are expecting that in Season 2, Mando would begin to find the real home of Baby Yoda. Mando, at the ending of season 1 was asked by the Armorer to choose whether to return Baby Yoda to his people or to train him to become a Mandalorian.

This is a teaser on how this would pave the way for Baby Yoda to be the incoming second Mandalorian Jedi. We are up to more Baby Yoda and for a long time.

Baby Yoda, in memorable instances, showed how powerful he is using the Force. He saved Mando from the Mudhorn's charge and lifted him off the ground. Next was with Cara Dune when he used Force choke on her, and the most astounding was healing Greef Karga, who is a Force power himself and had ties to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

A Jedi is never complete without a lightsaber. Mando, who was trained by Deat Watch, might have his hand again in the Darksaber from Moff Gideon and give it to Baby Yoda to use. We still don't know if Baby Yoda could be a full-fledged Jedi like Yoda was, but we might be pre-empting some juicy surprises.

Can Baby Yoda fly?

It's never boring with Baby Yoda around. Aside from loving taking naps and eating, he wants to fly around his fun little ship and go around with his Dadalorian. It's in The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 3 that Baby Yoda went flying in his cute baby ship to evade the calamari men who want to feed him to their pet Kraken.

He continued to fly into the waiting sea cage under, and he was smart to close the lid. Good thing he was free from his damaged dented ship.

Yes, Baby Yoda could fly in his cute ship, but he knows he's only a baby, and it's better to just be close and to tag along with the Mandalorian. He gets easily tired, and he has no ship now. They were attacked again, but Din's new Mandalorian squad rolls saved them.

This episode ended well with Mando and Baby Yoda saved from the attack, but all food and pets would never be safe from Baby Yoda since he has a good appetite and good thing Mando doesn't have pets or else Baby Yoda might get hungry and bored and might eat it. And, he loves eggs too!

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