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Can Baby Yoda Force heal?


Yes, Baby Yoda could Force-heal, and he possesses Force-powers. The Mandalorian viewers had witnessed Baby Yoda using Force heal ability in episode 7 when Greef Karga was wounded by one of the flying creatures known as the creature poisoned Karga.

Cara performed first aid to Greef, and yet the venom was still succumbing into him. Everyone was taken by surprise when Baby Yoda suddenly placed his hand on the arms of Greef Karga and healing the wound using the Force. This is another unfolding moment as this power was never witnessed in Star Wars canon. It traces its origin from the Cade Skywalker character in Star Wars Legends.

As early as the second episode, it was shown that Baby Yoda possesses the Force, but to what extent does he knows or how he knows it still keeps everyone guessing. It was also proven that he is not a result of genetic engineering or cloning. This gives enough proof that Baby Yoda is not a clone of  Yoda, the Jedi Master, and his abilities in the Force comes naturally within him.

Can Baby Yoda use the Force?

Yes, Baby Yoda is a certified Force-gifted character who could use his gifts like Force-choke. He could heal beings using the Force, lift objects, and levitate things, and he could use the Force to control the direction of fire in Chapter 8 of The Mandalorian.

There is a lot more to come from Baby Yoda as the story progresses, and we would get to discover more powers and things about him.

When Baby Yoda uses the Force

Baby Yoda is a unique and special being and has shown in several episodes the Force-powers he has in him. Slowly but excitingly, he unravels his Force within to save and help others.

Baby Yoga possesses Force Levitate

Baby Yoda could easily use the Force to levitate objects and things, as we first witnessed in Jedi and Seth from way back in the first Star Wars movie.

In Episode 2, Baby Yoda force levitates a Mudhorn to save Mando. This is the first exhibition of Baby Yoda's connection to the Force, and the experience kept him drained and unconscious throughout the show.

Baby Yoda could use Force Choke

In Episode 7, Mando and Cara Dune were arm-wrestling, and Baby Yoda misinterpreted it as a danger to his friend. He used Force-choke on Cara. Darth Vader used this force if his imperial officers relayed the bad news to him.  This had been perceived to be on the dark side, but it's not only used for evil purposes only.

Baby Yoda could Force Heal

The greatest revelation of Baby Yoda's Force heal was when he saved Greef Karga in Chapter 5 from dying after being severely wounded and attacked by a poisonous flying creature.

After Thoughts

Baby Yoda never fails the audience as The Mandalorian story unfolds episode after episode. He is here for the long haul, as there might still be a lot of wonderful powers in him.

As we get to know Baby Yoda, more surprises await us.

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