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LeapFrog LeapPad Will Not Charge


If your LeapFrog LeapPad is not charging, there could be two major reasons: The problem could be your charger or your LeapPad. Let’s hope it’s the charger because that’s easier to solve. You just need to buy another charger!

Let’s first look at the possibility that the problem is with the power adapter. There is a light indicator on the LeapPad to demonstrate that it is charging. It usually illuminates a yellow or orange light. The light indicator is usually next to the USB port, but the LeapPad3’s light indicator is on the side, a couple of inches away from the USB port.

If the light is not glowing, then it’s time to check if the problem is with the power adapter. Connect the LeapPad to the computer using the LeapPad USB cable. If it lights up, then that’s confirmation that the charger is not working. You can actually ask for a replacement charger if the LeapPad is still under warranty. The charger or power adapter is also available as an accessory, so you can still buy it even if the warranty has lapsed.

If it doesn’t light up, then that could mean that the LeapPad is damaged. You should contact Customer Service in order to check what LeapPad can do for the product. Most LeapPad products have a one-year warranty. However, there are many instances where LeapFrog will not honor the warranty. For example, if the products were used alongside other products that were deemed incompatible with the LeapPad, then the brand will consider the customer at fault for the damage. As such, the warranty will not be honored.

For obvious reasons, if the LeapPad has been tampered with, then the warranty will not be honored. The same could be said for LeapPads that have been used for commercial purposes.

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