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How Much Is a Toy Robot?


It’s a machine, but it also kind of acts like a person. This is probably why toy robots are so lovable to children. But how much is a toy robot?

With so many robot toys in the market, the price range is from cheap to expensive. There are toy robots that are $15 or less. However, there are also some that are over $1,000. The price depends on the brand of the robot and the complexity of what they do.

Robot toys under $10

Robots are mechanical in nature, so they are rarely cheap. But if you are patient enough, you can still find great deals:

  1. Transformers Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots – This is an ideal toy for fans of the Transformers movies. The robot doesn’t transform into a vehicle, though. What children can do is to move the robot’s head, arms, and waist to put it in a fighting stance. Children three years old and above will surely love this robot.
  2. BeesClover Convenient Life Wind-Up Running Robot – If you’re thinking of giving a child their first robot, this is ideal. It’s a basic robot, and it looks cute.
  3. HUIFEIDEYU Kids Car Transformer Deformation Robot – This toy isn’t actually from the Transformers movie, but this robot does transform to and from a car. As a car, it has a realistic engine sound.

Robot toys under $500

Here are some of the more sophisticated robots in the market:

  1. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Kit with Remote Control – The MINDSTORMS lineup of toys under the LEGO brand is about building and creation. It’s appropriate for older kids. This should be a product for someone who really enjoyed robots when they were quite young. The kid will enjoy making the robot walk and talk with this kit.
  2. Anki Cozmo, a Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids – This is a robot that can be the child’s best friend. Cozmo is a loyal sidekick. It’s educational too. Adults will even enjoy this kind of robot.
  3. TOBOT Quadrant Korean Transformer Car – This transformer robot is based on a South Korean TV animation. But it doesn’t matter that the child hasn’t seen the show; this is a universally enjoyable toy robot.

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