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Will Baby Yoda grow up?


All of Star Wars fandom want Baby Yoda to get his name and to grow up.  We want him to have a good long life and live longer in the Star Wars movies and series.

Its creator Jon Favreau has remained secretive about the future of Baby Yoda but assured the fans that they would learn more about him throughout the series.

We all believe in how powerful Baby Yoda is as an untrained infant and how he could be a strong Force in the future in the Star Wars saga.

Maybe all along, the answer had been there to who Baby Yoda is and what he'll become. All we have to do is to decipher it like a puzzle.

Could it be that the closen one is born at the same time, a Child is also born to help him find his true and righteous path? Could Baby Yoda be the Child to mentor the next chosen one?

If so, he is destined to grow up even stronger, more powerful, and ready to train the next chosen one.

Is Baby Yoda mentioned in this Montis Arc theory?

It says that every time the cycle restarts, The Child and the chosen one are born anew. The chosen one grows up, falls to the dark side, but is redeemed and restores balance to the galaxy, becoming The Father; The Child, still just a baby, lives on to centuries later train the one who'll turn the next chosen one back to the light side.

This is an eye-opener and very symbolical at the same time. Is it also possible why Ahsoka Tano is in The Mandalorian season two? Is his role in mentoring and training Baby Yoda so he'll become ready to help the next Chosen One?

The Skywalker era already ended, and is it possible that Baby Yoda is the future and could be in the next trilogy with a setting of thousand years into the future? It's very much possible that Baby Yoda would indeed grow up and train the next Chosen One. After all, he has a powerful Force, and with that Force, he is meant for greater things ahead, and he could just be the biggest character in the Star Wars saga.

After Thoughts

A character as enigmatic and compelling as Baby Yoda is a sure winner in all of our hearts. The Mandalorian is just the beginning of Baby Yoda's journey to his destiny.

We could expect Baby Yoda to be with us for the long haul. Who would want him to leave soon as it's very evident that he is meant for greatness and a major part in the saga that would greatly impact everyone hooked on him?

And who would want to kill an infant or get rid of the brightest superstar in the galaxy!

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