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Does Baby Yoda die?


Avid fans and followers of The Mandalorian wouldn’t want Baby Yoda to die. I don’t think anyone would want Baby Yoda to die with the popularity and attention he is getting, how adorable he is, and he’s still an infant!

Baby Yoda is very young at 50 years old in their species age, and Yoda died when he was around 900 years old.

The Child has a long way to go both in his age and in the Star Wars epic.

In the timeline of the Rise of Skywalker, Baby Yoda would still be only in his mid 70’s, and at their species aging, he’s still a  toddler by then. By the time Baby Yoda is 76, he would still be needing to be cared for, helped, and looked after.

It’s clearer now why Baby Yoda wasn’t in both The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, and why he wasn’t included in The Rise of Skywalker is because he’s still a baby.

He still couldn’t participate and do much since he would be in his crib and still couldn’t talk. He isn’t ready or age yet to fight in the Rise of Skywalker like the way Yoda did in the Revenge of the Sith.

Will Baby Yoda die?

Baby Yoda made it with flying colors in season 1, and he would be very much around in Season 2 of The Mandalorian.  Not just because of the overwhelming reception he got, but more people in the story now know that he exists and has great abilities and powers even before he speaks. We couldn’t wait for what more exciting antics he could do as he gets older.

Baby Yoda has become a global sensation with millions of followers and also multi-million or multi-billion merchandise under his name. Who in their right mind would want to kill one of the most popular characters in the history of Star Wars?

We would want this adorable, cuddly, enigmatic frog-eating character to be around for the long haul.

Let’s just hope a red lightsaber wouldn’t be in his hands, and he won’t be lured by the dark side of the Force!

When Baby Yoda dies

The fans are aware that whoever wants Baby Yoda killed would try again and again to kill him until they finish the job, especially after the failed attempt of the IG-11 droid to kill him.

Others are thinking that if ever Baby Yoda losses his life, it might be from the insurgents, to the ex-Imperial officer’s Kaminoan doctor, or in self-sacrifice to save a Mandalorian friend. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that none of those scenarios won’t ever happen.

Another possibility could be that the Kaminoan doctor would want to do testing on Baby Yoda and even want to clone it. There could be Inquisitors on the horizon. They are Dart Vader’s agents that are well-versed with the Force that were assigned to hunt down all remaining Jedi. The Inquisitors were also fallen Jedi that served the Empire after Order 66.

They were the personal Sith army of Darth Vader that was disbanded after the downfall of the Empire. Whoever wants to rebuild the Empire needs a private army. Baby Yoda is the perfect species because he came from the Force-gifted species that were all Jedi Masters.

The Mandalorian is a dark character but let’s hope he wouldn’t have the nerve to harm Baby Yoda, and after all, who would want to kill a super adorable infant such as Baby Yoda?

I don’t think Disney would allow that, I hope.

After Thoughts

What will happen to Baby Yoda is still a big question. Let’s hope that Mando would protect and choose Baby Yoda till the end. No one knows if Baby Yoda would die and perish, be in seclusion, or reemerge again when he is able and ready to hold on to his own in the hundred of years to come in the Star Wars saga.

For now, let’s enjoy and wish Baby Yoda would live to 900 years as Yoda did.

Or else, Disney might lose millions of subscribers if Baby Yoda disappears too soon.

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