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Who's Baby Yoda in Mandalorian?


Season 1 Episode one ended with the unveiling of The Child, now popularly known as Baby Yoda. Din Djarin, aka Mando, was commissioned by the client to track down a target so badly, whether dead or alive. Never in his wildest dreams that it's an infant that's wanted to get rid of.

Mando saw Baby Yoda in Arvala-7, a desert planet. Who would want to kill a baby?  He decided to save the baby and got rid of the IG-11 droid who wanted to kill Baby Yoda.

After that episode, every viewer fell in love with this Yoda looking infant that's so cute and adorable. They become more excited to watch The Mandalorian.

In Episode 2, Baby Yoda has already shown that he indeed has power as he tried to reach out a hand as if he wanted to use the Force to heal the wounded Mando. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to as Mando placed him back in the bassinet.

Later in episode 2, we all witnessed that Baby Yoda is 100% Force-sensitive as he lifted the  Mud Horn monster with the Force. What's amusing is that it's not an easy task for an infant to do so, and he can't even talk yet! Baby Yoda is powerful, and viewers became more intrigued and interested in him.

Was he born with power? Are all Yoda species Force-gifted?

Baby Yoda plays a very vital role in The Mandalorian, and if things continue to go as it is, then we could expect that the story would revolve and center in our breakout star, Baby Yoda.

Will Baby Yoda be in Season 2?

The Mandalorian season 2 release date on Disney Plus was October 30. And Yes, Baby Yoda would be very much visible in season 2 of The Mandalorian since the storyline would focus on the search of his home and origin and the continuation of the Darksaber reveal that was left in Season 1.

Din Djarin aka Mando together Baby Yoda and the appearances of the characters from The Clone Wars animated series that includes Boba Fett. Season 2 also has eight episodes in it.

Will Baby Yoda become a Mandalorian?

It's very much possible that Baby Yoda could become the second Mandalorian Jedi with the rate the story is unfolding in The Mandalorian.

Lucasfilm and Disney's first-ever live-action Star Wars TV show has been a very successful one, and a huge part of it is because of Baby Yoda in the series. Baby Yoda had dolled-up a lot of interest and following, and he takes the front seat in the story of The Mandalorian.

It seems that The Mandalorian series is just the beginning of something grand for Baby Yoda. There are Din Djarin and the story about the bounty hunters and trying to restore and revive whatever the Mandalorians lost after the Seige of Mandalore that looks like subplots and side stories only. The real main plot is about saving and protecting Baby Yoda and finding who he is, where he comes from, and why The Client wanted him killed.

That bond between  Baby Yoda and Din Djarin could go beyond this series. It might be a life-long journey for them as they fulfill their missions in the galaxy.

Baby Yoda has a long way ahead of him, and that would pave the way for him to be a Mandalorian Jedi in the long run.

Why is Baby Yoda important in The Mandalorian?

Baby Yoda is very important and essential in The Mandalorian. His story and character is the soul of the series. It made the series more interesting and the storyline deeper.

The main plot of this series is about Baby Yoda's character evolving and building up and what his future would hold in the Star Wars saga.

In the first season, it was about Mando protecting Baby Yoda by all means, and in season 2 it's all about finding and discovering where Baby Yoda came from, who he is really, and what's his origin.

It's safe to say that Baby Yoda is the real superstar of The Mandalorian!

After Thoughts

The avid fans of The Mandalorian are on the edge of their seats as the story takes its twists and turns, and everyone is concerned with Baby Yoda.

We all watch every Friday in its every season as our excitement mounts to what's destined for our beloved infant.

We are in for the long haul.

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