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Why are Baby Yoda's eyes black?


Baby Yoda is the cutest infant alien of The Mandalorian, a series shown in Disney+ set in the Star Wars saga. It was simply introduced as The Child but was given the endearment of Baby Yoda by the fans themselves. Its moniker might be picked up by the fans from Yoda, the Jedi Master for it being green-skinned, big-eared, and also Force-sensitive like Yoda.

Yoda has amber eyes or hazel eyes that could appear yellow to green depending on which light they are looked.  In some lights, the eyes of Yoda Yoda would be more green, and in other lights, they would appear to be more amber or yellow.

Baby Yoda's eyes, on the other hand, are not black as it's perceived to be but rather brown. You could also see the true color of his eyes in the light. If one would look closely,  it could be seen that there's white behind it, and just a  big black circle part.

Fans also observed that Baby Yoda has bigger eyes than Yoda, but a good reason for that is age as the eyes on this species might change, and there is more of the white part being visible as they get older.

Baby Yoda has a proportionally bigger iris, and you could only see the white sclera, especially when he looks to the side. Another reason might be he isn't fully developed yet since he's still an infant, or it could be that the toddlers of Yoda's species have very large irises in them.

It could also a way to present a newer character differently, and having more whites in Baby Yoda's eyes would lessen his innocent look. Babies have a wide-eyed look in them.

And it could also make sense that everyone has different eyes. Each person has their individuality, so as the Yoda species.

Why is Baby Yoda so cute?

Baby Yoda is so cute because he has large eyes and pupils that make him look cuter. Imagine babies or even puppies with their adorable big endearing eyes in them. Baby Yoda always watches everything around him with his eyes wide open, and you could not sigh with positive vibes as he would close his pod to keep him safe?

One more quality that makes him cute is the strange and adorable noises he makes and when he coos since he could still not talk. We all adore babies, and they appeal so much to all of us in general.

We all want to pinch, squeeze, and even bite babies, and that includes Baby Yoda!

Overall, aside from his big, beautiful eyes, oversized ears, and being clumsy, it's the totality of his character that makes him adorable and cute.

He does have bigger ears than Yoda, but he is still a lot cuter and huggable!

After Thoughts

The success of Baby Yoda is unimaginable and overwhelming in these times of social media and complexities, wherein it's harder to amuse and please people.

Baby Yoda touched the hearts of everyone and made them feel good again, and made them laugh again.

We all need a Baby Yoda in our lives to remind us that life is still beautiful after all.

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