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Why is Baby Yoda popular?


Baby Yoda is the adorable character in The Mandalorian Disney+ series of two parts with green skin, big ears, and large eyes that resemble Yoda and likewise Force-sensitive and powerful.

The American space Western Star Wars series has become very successful, and Baby Yoda proved to the series's breakout star.

No one expected that Baby Yoda would become this big and very popular. Master Jedi Yoda was the mysterious character in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. He was responsible for training Luke Skywalker to become a full-fledged Jedi. He left a mark on Star Wars fans, and his character was short-lived as he died, and his last appearance was a cameo role as Ghost Force.

After more than 3 decades, we have the biggest surprise of them all, Baby Yoda. The fans just love and adore him. At 50 years old, he's still an infant from the Yoda species and came in as mysterious as Yoda was.

The big question is, what would be his role in the Star Wars saga? It's also the mystery surrounding his character that makes him popular aside from being so cute, appealing, so interesting, so compelling, reminded us of Yoda, and yet he came out new and in the form of an infant.

Long time Star Wars fans see Baby Yoda as a glimpse of the past that might not be all along forgotten, and it would be great to be continued and resurrected.

Aside from being so adorable, social media played a huge part in Baby Yoda's popularity. Baby Yoda's memes are all over the place on the net.  Memes are very popular to the new generation, which are the humorous mashup of images and text.

But the bottom line is Baby Yoda is very popular because he's the most adorable creature on the planet.

Will Baby Yoda be a Jedi?

Yoda, in the original Star Wars trilogy, lived to be over 900 years old but died of old age in Return of the Jedi. It was made known in The Empire Strikes back that Jedi Master Yoda trained Jedi for 800 years that simply means he started training when he was 100 years old.

There are questions raised about the strange aging process that Baby Yoda at 50 is an infant and in the next 50 years be suddenly fully grown and matured? But we would never know yet since we still don't know how their aging process is.

Basing on the way that Baby Yoda looks now, there could be no way he could be old enough to teach and train by the time he was 100.

One thing is sure though, Baby Yoda has the Force within him, and Mando could train him to use his powers and become a Jedi.  It is very much possible for Baby Yoda to be the second Mandalorian Jedi. And we have to wait for the story to unfold and to see when this might happen.

Will Baby Yoda become a Jedi?

The Mandalorian is set 5 years after Return of the Jedi. There are more than 20 years between the Revenge of the Sith and  The Return of the Jedi. Both Baby Yoda and Anakin Skywalker were born in 41 BBY. It might or could not be coincidental, but this could be the key to something vital to the future of Star Wars.

It could be assumed that Baby Yoda was already born during the Jedi ties.

We all know that the Star Wars saga is all about the good and dark side of the force, and how it needs to be always balance. It's still a long journey for Baby Yoda and us to know how important his character would be in Star Wars history.

In this retrospect, If Baby Yoda is destined to become a Jedi Master then he would be in another 50 years since Yoda started training Jedi when he was 100. We might witness him growing faster to fulfill this path.

The Force is innate in Baby Yoda, and it is most likely that he would go with a similar path as Yoda did as long he would have the proper training and guidance at the right time.

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