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Who Developed LeapFrog?


LeapFrog products are officially under the brand name of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., which is a company based in Emeryville, California. It specializes in electronic learning toys. The company was founded by Michael Wood and Robert Lally in 1994.

However, the company’s beginnings can be dated back to the late 1980s. It had personal beginnings, too, when Wood, a lawyer, had a hard time teaching his son how to read. This prompted him to research the best way of teaching children how to read, which led him to develop what is now known as the Phonics Desk. This was LeapFrog’s first product. It is no longer available now, but the company still has some learning desks that teach children so many things, including reading. An example of the learning desk is the Little Office Learning Center, which could be the child’s first-ever desk.

Wood’s prototype of the Phonics Desk used a chip so that it will make a sound. That chip was developed by Texas Instruments, which is a tech company in Dallas. When it seemed like the Phonics Desk was getting some traction, Wood resigned from a law firm he was a partner to and formed LeapFrog Enterprises with Lally. The partners received money from family and friends to form the company. The first retailer of the Phonics Desk was Toys “R” Us. The other retailers soon followed.

Now, LeapFrog has its own website and online store where parents and children can shop for their own educational learning toys. One of the things that really endear parents to LeapFrog is that it doesn’t just make products that really attract children. It also thinks about what is more important to the parents—the learning. Parents, too, have their own learnings from the company as it has a Parents section on the Leapfrog website where parents can read about tips on how to make learning easy for children. It really goes back to why Wood founded the company.

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