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Are LeapFrog Tablets Worth It?


Children love to imitate adults, especially their parents, whom they see very often. Experts call this modeling. In this generation, parents are very much attached to technology—everybody is actually. So as parents hold a cellphone or a tablet, children might want the same thing. Toddlers, preschoolers, and even early elementary students may be too young to hold a real tablet.

LeapFrog, a company that is known for melding educational toys with technology, has created a number of tablet models for children. They are quite pricey if you compare them to other toys. In fact, it’s more expensive than a lot of tablets. So, are LeapFrog tablets worth it? Yes, especially when you buy them when children are still young. Most LeapFrog tablets are for children between three and seven years old.

If you buy the LeapFrog tablet for your seven-year-old child, they will easily outgrow the games and activities on the tablet. However, if you buy them for a two- or three-year-old, they will have years to enjoy the tablet. LeapFrog’s tablets will also allow you to download more games and activities on them. You will really maximize the benefits of the product.

The LeapFrog Epic Android-Based Kids Tablet is one of the more expensive LeapFrog tablets, but it is also the most advanced in terms of learning. It’s for children between three and nine years old, which means children have a longer time enjoying it. That is, of course, if you buy it when they are still younger. It comes with over 20 apps that include games and e-books. You can also download more apps with it.

Perhaps the brand’s most popular tablet is the LeapPad Academy. Just like the epic, this comes with over 20 apps already, but you can always download more through the App Center. This tablet is appropriate for children three to eight years old. There is also a LeapPad Jr., which is supposedly for ages three and seven years old. It’s almost half the price of the Academy, but I would say that it’s not worth it. If you are thinking of buying a LeapFrog tablet, go directly to the Epic or Academy.

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