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Who do Nerf guns hurt?


Hasbro, the makers of Nerf guns, make sure they produce high-quality and well-made safe toy guns, and all their packages have safety guidelines in them. Users must implement and adhere to them to ensure that fun games could be enjoyed all the time without hurting anyone.

Hasbro also reminded that Nerf guns should not be aimed at the eyes or face and the guns are not hazardous when used properly.

There are possibilities to hurt others if responsible toy gun handling is not practiced. Nerf guns could hurt your pet dogs and cats, children, and people if used carelessly.

How could Nerf guns hurt them?


Every pet owner needs to make sure that they are kept out of the way when kids are playing with Nerf guns. These toy guns use soft foam darts and balls as pellets in the guns.

There were already reported incidents of dogs and cats injured, and these guns could be powerful enough, especially if fired at close range that could cause the loss of vision in small animals, and the bullets are colorful that could spark the interest of curious pets.

Pets could swallow the foam bullet that could cause choking or fatal blockage in them.

Some veterinarians already treated nine cats and dogs with Nerf gun-related injuries that ranged from choking to eye damage. Don't use Nerf guns around pets since they could get hurt when the attack battles begin.


Children getting hurt with Nerf guns could be avoided if parents could educate and teach first the concept of a gun and how it's just a toy and respect for life and others should be practiced. Kids should be taught not to aim and fire at the head, especially the very delicate eye area. Let your kid wear the necessary protective gear.

It's the smaller and younger children that should also be kept away when others are playing with Nerf guns. Never leave Nerf guns lying everywhere if you have small kids to avoid them accidentally setting them off at a close range that might injure them. There are also removable parts that could be choking hazards for them.


There are reports from doctors who have treated three people for eye injuries after they were shot with Nerf guns by children. Nerf guns have power in them, especially the ones with high-speed, and firing them at close range would hurt.

Don't use other foam bullets for your Nerf guns, as it would be harder than the original ammunition meant for it.

Other players have also been known to modify their guns using their own strategy in making their Nerf gun to shoot harder, faster, and farther by adding weights to the pellets, but they could pose more danger than just the regular foam darts or balls.

After Thoughts

Always be aware and informed about everything a Nerf gun should be and shouldn't be. Hurting others and getting hurt could be greatly avoided if every guideline and recommendations are followed and observed.

Nerf guns are for healthy, fun games without the intention to hurt anyone. Remember, it's not about the gun but how you use and handle it!

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