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How are Nerf guns made in a factory?


The most popular toy guns are the Nerf guns that are often referred to as blasters. They could be fired using ammunition made from Nerf foam. They have bright colors in them, and they come in a lot of variations.

Nerf guns are designed and engineered at the headquarters of Hasbro toy in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The manufacturing is outsourced in China and soon in India and Vietnam too.

These toy plastic guns are designed to shoot foam balls, darts and have other accessories available such as extra attachments and barrel extensions, fully automatic firing, and advanced ammunition capacity.

Each Nerf gun could get its design inspiration and ideas from anything. Hasbro has safety guidelines, instructions in every package. They also do extensive research, testing, and innovation to be consistent in producing high-grade toy guns.

Each toy guns come in different shapes, sizes, and features. You might wonder how they are made in a factory.

Let's take the Nerf Gun N-Strike Maverick as an example, and let's dissect its production. There are parts that all Nerf guns share in common, and it's just a matter of whether it's a manual, semi-automatic, or a fully automatic model.

What are the parts of a Nerf gun, particularly a Nerf Gun N-Strike Maverick?

A Nerf gun is consisting of numerous parts that have their role and function, just like the ones in Nerf Gun N-Strike Maverick.


It holds the gun together, protects its internal moving parts, it's the one that provides a track for both internal and external moving parts of the gun, and it's composed of the front and back


This is where the internal piston bolt  loads for assembly with air that also compresses the main-spring

Main Cylinder Assembly

It holds darts, rotates to allow multiple rounds to fire before the gun needs to be reloaded, it is the one that provides a track for the round to leave accurately once fired, and lastly, it switches between firing and loading positions


It's a visual safety item that's in neon color which is a universal indicator that it's a toy gun


The piston is the one that retains the O-Ring for an airtight seal and serves as an aperture for compressed air release


The bolt has multi-functions such as it retains the main spring, it comes in contact with the slide to compress the main-spring, also, makes contact with the bolt catch locks in a cocked position, and its relative motion pressurizes the assembly of the bolt piston

Bolt Catch

The bolt catch has two duties as it holds the bolt and main-spring in place when the system is in the cocked position and it's responsible to release the bolt and main-spring when the trigger is depressed

Bolt Catch Lever

Its activation is the one that releases the bolt from the bolt catch


Another important part is the trigger that has three roles as its user interface is used to release the locking mechanism firing of the toy, it activates the bolt catch lever, and it could be moved by advancing slide forwards and backwards

Small Advancing Cylinder Bracket

It holds the advanced cylinder assembly in place and makes sure it's aligned

Advanced Slide

The advance slide activates the advancing cylinder

Main Cylinder Release Button

It makes contact with the plunger of the advanced cylinder assembly to remove the contact between the advancing cylinder assembly and the main cylinder assembly, and it allows the main cylinder assembly to rotate out from the frame for reloading

Advanced Cylinder Assembly

It pivots the main cylinder assembly

Main Spring

The main-spring is responsible for providing the force needed to push air out of bolt-piston assembly which is necessary to fire a round of ammo

Slide Return Spring

It returns and holds the slide in its neutral position after loading the toy gun

Bolt Catch Spring

The function of a bolt catch spring is to return the bolt catch and bolt catch lever to its neutral position

Trigger Return Spring

It's the spring that returns the trigger to the neutral position

Main Cylinder Release Button Spring

It returns and keeps the main cylinder release button in its neutral position.

Accessory Lock

The that holds optional accessories in place is the accessory lock

Accessory Lock Spring

It makes sure that the accessory lock returns to a neutral position

Before we proceed with how it's made in a factory, take a look at a man assembling on his own in the video below.

What are the steps in assembling a Nerf gun in a factory?

The fastest and most convenient way of mass production of Nerf guns is manufacturing them in a factory that includes a workflow with people helping each other and working as a team in the production line.

The following are the steps in producing Nerf guns in a factory.

  • Place the left frame on the table in the assembly line
  • Get the main cylinder release button and then put the main cylinder release button spring into its appropriate housing on the main cylinder release button. The spring should be placed with its curvature facing upward
  • Then place the main cylinder release button with the spring already inside into the slot on the left frame. The trigger should enter with the main cylinder release spring facing the upward direction and the high end of the main cylinder release button facing to the right.
  • You need to locate the advancing slide next and place it on the track of the left frame located that's directly above the trigger hole with the screw slot facing upward and facing to the left side
  • Snap the small advancing cylinder bracket to the left frame with the advancing
  • slide centered beneath. the protrusion should be placed to prevent the advancing slide from being lifted without taking out the small advancing cylinder bracket
  • Another thing to snap is the advancing cylinder assembly on the left frame. To do this, connect the large advancing cylinder bracket to its designated screw slots. the rear of the advancing cylinder assembly will be maintained by the small advancing cylinder bracket
  • The next step is to put the trigger return spring on the left frame
  • Ensure that the trigger return spring would function well by screwing it down using a Phillips screwdriver and using the interior screw as its screw
  • Hook the trigger to the trigger return spring. To achieve this, you have to locate the latch at the bottom of the trigger. Then, connect the latch to the trigger return spring
  • The trigger should be aligned so the outer hole would latch onto the advancing slide and the inner hole latches to LF
  • While holding down the trigger with one hand, make it safe by screwing the trigger to the advancing slide by the proper screw. With a screwdriver, screw the interior screw into the advancing slide to link them together

There are two steps you need to do to screw more pieces together. Use two interior screw b in the pack to be screwed securely to the small advancing cylinder bracket to the left frame and to screw two more interior screw b screws to secure the large advancing cylinder bracket and the advancing cylinder assembly to the left frame.

  • The next in the process is to snap the slide return spring to the left frame
  • More assembling by screwing an interior screw a, secure the slide return spring to the left frame using a screwdriver
  • Put the bolt catch spring on the bolt catch assembly
  • While the bolt catch spring is being compressed, slide the bolt catch assembly into its housing slot on the left frame. Make it doubly sure that the bolt catch lever is properly aligned with its rotation rod during the placement of the part
  • It's time to insert the main spring. While being inserted, the main-spring should be able to pass through the hole of the bolt catch
  • Next is to put the piston assembly on the left frame. The rear part of the assembly should be placed into the main-spring. The front of the assembly should be aligned with a cavity on the left frame
  • The muzzle comes next, and it needs to be inserted on the front of the left frame. the flat surface should face towards the bottom of the gun
  • The advancing cylinder assembly needs to be pulled back and to be inserted in the  main cylinder. The orange end of the main cylinder should be facing away from other parts.
  • Insert the grey outer aligning brackets that should be inserted at a 45
  • degree angle to the left frame. After also inserting the main cylinder,
  • lower the aligning brackets on the frame into their designated cavities
  • Place the right frame on the left frame. The frame should be placed parallel to
  • the left frame.
  • For the gun's final assembly, Screw in all 8 type-a exterior screws to secure the Left Frame to the Right Frame. The Frame already has pre-ready holes for the 8 screws
  • Hold the left slide at 45 degrees, and insert the metallic rod section of the Left slide into the Slide Return spring. Be focused to be able to catch the Slide Return Spring with the metallic rod
  • Place the slide in the frame. The frame has a track for the slide to fit
  • Put together the right slide with the left slide
  • Finally, secure the two ends of the Slide together by screwing them together using exterior screws

As you could see, it's no joke to make one Nerf gun alone. It entails tedious and meticulous stages to assemble one. Precision and accuracy are needed for every step in assembling a nerf gun in a factory.

What are the advantages of making Nerf guns in a factory?

More Nerf guns could be mass-produced if it's made in factories.

Factory workers are faster since they have to meet their quotas.

An assembly line has the advantage of interchangeability since N-Strike parts would allow for multiple products to be assembled on the same production line with ease.

A worker supplied with different frames and a stock of product-specific parts along with a stock of commonly used parts would be able to switch to a different product assembly on a jiffy. This would allow an entire production line to switch from product to product as the order could change throughout a working shift.

A perfect example is the Maverick and N-Strike and a CS-35 Blaster that uses the same piston/bolt assembly and the same bolt catch/bolt catch lever, and numerous other parts. The difference between these two models is 5 –10 individual parts on there- sub-assemblies. Using the strategy of individual worker unit assembly, a pre-assembly and mid-assembly could be stocked and done with all the common and specialized parts that comprise all the N-Strike line of products.

If the quota for the Maverick units is achieved within a shift, the entire production line could switch to production of the CS-35 units without the need to make any changes to the line itself.

This workflow in a factory could allow for production volume control as a line could quickly change from one product to another.

An individual worker could also complete and is capable of doing the main assembly of the product without the need to transfer it to another section.

There could also be the main assembly line that would always be stocked with parts and subassemblies that could be easily reached from compartments or bins and inserted into the main assembly.

Once a complete Maverick Blaster is done and assembled, it could just be placed on a conveyor by the worker that heads directly to the packaging department.

There are two production route choices of steps one at a time or pre-assembly and mid-assembly by a worker or a cell group, then passed on promptly to the final assembly.

After Thoughts

Nerf guns are all wonderful looking and lively looking toy guns that went through a very work-intensive process. Every part is carefully made and assembled to meet the high standards of Hasbro.

It might be one of the hardest and complicated toys to make, but it's one of the best toys to give your kid or even an adult. It's worth the adulation for being a safe, well-thought, and well-made toy gun.

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