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Are Nerf guns recyclable?


Yes, Nerf guns are recyclable as the metal and plastic used in them are all recyclable. There are nuts, springs, and polycarbonate plastic materials in Nerf guns.

Hard or rigid plastics could be recycled to make a huge range of products such as car parts, buckets, drums, shelving, garbage bins, road cones, drainage pipes, and even clothing.

Hasbro partnered with TerraCycle to create a free recycling program for used toys and games.

This recycling partnership is a great way to help our environment. All your old toys could help and be beneficial for everyone instead of throwing them away.

You’ll be able to give your beloved toys and games a purpose by recycling them!

This program accepts all Hasbro toys and games, including board games, electronic toys and games, metal/plastic/wood toys and games, action figures, dolls, plush toys, and more.

They would be segregated per category after being collected. It would be placed under metals, plastics, and organics. They would be processed next to become raw materials. It would all become materials to create new recycled products.

Nerf guns are predominantly made of plastic, and at TerraCycle, they see all material as recyclable and collect every kind of plastic.

These are the steps to dispose of your used toys to TerraCycle.

Here’s how:


You could begin by collecting all your plastics instead of throwing them away. Collect them for recycling through TerraCycle’s many National Recycling Programs or a Zero Waste Box.


TerraCycle would sort your items once they receive it by resin code or material types such as #1 (PET), #2 (HDPE), #5 (PP), and more. They would be sent for further processing using TerraCycle’s resin-specific technology and process flows.


The sorted plastics would go through processing to be able to transform them and be sold to manufacturers. This is where your plastic tube or wrapper gets shredded, melted down, and could be combined with other additives. It would be turned into a usable raw material format such as regrind, pellets, or powder.


All the converted plastics are then melted, molded, and extruded or injected into the manufacturing supply chain and recycled as new. They could now be used to create and produce new and durable products made from items we gave instead of throwing them away.

After Thoughts

Recycling is good for our environment since there would be lesser waste.

It reduces our need to extract raw materials from mining, quarrying, and logging, refining, and processing raw materials that contribute to massive air and water pollution.

Let us do our share to help save energy as recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that would be beneficial to our fight against climate change.

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