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Are Nerf guns dangerous?


Table of Contents:

Nerf guns have a huge following and remain to be one of the most popular toy guns in the market. They are designed to be safe that could be only loaded with lightweight darts and round balls made from foam for their ammunition. Each gun is made from non-toxic materials, and there is no lead content in their paints.  They as well don’t have a lot of movable and small parts in their overall look.

Hasbro has precautionary safety warnings in all its packaging, such as:

  • Do not aim your gun at the eyes or face
  • Use of eyewear protections that are highly recommended for players and people within the area or within reach
  • Players are strictly advised to use the only official Nerf darts since the usage of other darts may not meet their safety standards
  • Do not modify darts or blaster by all means.

The newest and latest Nerf guns nowadays have better springs, and their foam bullets are heavier compared to the previous ones.

Some player modifies their darts that could make it dangerous. Without modifications, the bullets that could only go 50 km/h are now able to fly at 110 km/h, and as a result, they are more dangerous.

Be sure to make your kid use eye protection as a  mandatory safety measure. For war games or attack blasting, a helmet and protective vest are advised.

Here are more guidelines to make sure your kid would be protected from any danger.

  • Do not let the kids use Nerf guns unsupervised by adults
  • Do not let your kid use Nerf guns without eye protection like protective goggles
  • Brief and advise your kid to never shoot at the face, and the purpose of the game is for fun only and not to hurt others.

Are Nerf guns safe?

Nerf guns are generally safe especially if you are guided by the do’s and don’t’s, whether it’s an attack battle or long-range games.

To ensure and practice safety, there are some essential things to remember.

Avoid looking down at the barrel of your Nerf gun that would protect you from an accidental and premature discharge of ammo.  Although it’s made from soft foam, a close-range release could cause harm to your eyes.

Don’t put your finger at the trigger especially when it’s pointing downward, before aiming a shot. Always be alert to avoid unnecessary and uncalled shooting.

Never leave a loaded Nerf gun lying around to avoid younger children from mishandling them and accidentally fire them, which might harm them.

Never aim for the head and eyes, and always shoot for the body of your opponents. Always wear safety eye gear when playing with NERF guns.

Don’t use your Nerf guns on animals as a humane act and to avoid them being aggravated and, as a result, might attack you.

Also, don’t shoot people that are not in the game as they could be annoyed and mad at you, and you could never foretell how they would react.

Kids should be taught how to use and handle their Nerf guns properly so they’ll be aware and familiar with the functions.

NERF war games are designed to be fun, and winning is great, but it is not something worth compromising your safety for.

And, there are rules that players should abide by that would make each game safe and fun.

After Thoughts

Nerf guns are safe, and these toys are could be modified but can seriously affect the safety of using them. It would be best to be always there to guide your kid and to make sure that if ever there would be modifications made, you already research on how it could still be safe for him or her.

One thing that’s good is Nerf guns come in brightly colored models that it’s easier to spot than it’s just a toy gun. Adults usually are the ones who repaint them to darker colors to make them look more like a real gun. Just to be sure, play in your territory and not in unfamiliar places that might mistake your toy gun for a real weapon.

The bottom line is, Nerf guns, even though they are just toy guns, should be used responsibly and to practice a good attitude in handling them, plus with the right gun etiquette.

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