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Which Hot Wheels Are Treasure Hunts?


To be able to find out which hot wheels are Treasure Hunts, you have to look for specific signs and symbols either in the vehicle itself or on its packaging.

For every year of Treasure Hunt Series production, these identifiable signs and symbols may change. For example, back in 1995, the Treasure Hunt Series can be identified by looking at the green stripe with the words “Treasure Hunt” or “T-Hunt” in it. You can also tell that a hot wheels car is part of a Treasure Hunt series if it shows a “low production” symbol somewhere in the car itself.

In 1995, this Treasure Hunt series can be identified by its label that says “Limited Edition Only 10,000 produced.” The words “Treasure Hunt Series” are also written on its green stripe on the card.

The 1998 production of Treasure Hunt series also has the words “Treasure Hunt series” written on the green stripe.

In 2005, the Treasure Hunt series can be identified by its “T-Hunt” symbol along with a treasure chest logo indicated on the green stripe of the hot wheels card.

The 2010 Treasure Hunt series have these words printed on the smaller white stripe on the card, and a “TH” symbol can be seen right at the top of the hook.

As for 2013 up to the present, the Treasure Hunt series of hot wheels have the “low production” symbol, which could be found on the card at the back of the vehicle.

If you are looking for the 2020 Super Treasure Hunt series, make sure that your hot wheels have the “TH” graphic, the Real Rider wheels, and the Spectraflame paint. You may also find on the card, behind the hot wheels car, the words “Congratulations! We’re celebrating 25 years of treasure hunts, and you just found one!”

Treasure Hunts, also referred to as “T-Hunts” were introduced by Mattel into the market in 1995. It started with 12 cars, one released each month.  The first production of this series is only 10,000 pieces.

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