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Can Nerf guns cause blindness, hurt, or damage eyes?


Nerf guns are the number one selling toy guns that have been around for more than 3 decades. They are very popular, not just for the fun and excitement they bring but also for their safety features. 

Nerf guns are made for a safe and fun high action without the risk since their ammo is made of soft foam. To avoid injuries, safety precautions should be practiced, and carelessness and recklessness should be avoided so injuries would take place during Nerf gunplay.

Hasbro has safety guidelines to ensure a play that would be harmless such as don’t hit the head, especially the eye area, wear safety goggles, helmets, and vests. 

There could be instances that injuries could not be avoided, and yes, Nerf guns could cause serious eye injuries in kids with the likes of traumatic hyphema that could lead to permanent blindness that resulted in the blood to pool between the surface of the cornea and iris.

Other cases could lead to internal bleeding around the eyes, blurred vision, pain in the eyes, and swelling of the eyes.

These could all be avoided if there is no firing at close range, wearing the proper safety gears, and only use the foam darts and foam rounds by Nerf and, according to models, and never modify darts or blasters.

Hasbro always does rigorous reviews and testing to ensure a safe and fun play with Nerf guns.

Use only the branded bullets designed for the product from Nerf should be used. There’s no room for negligence when it’s all about safety.

Can Nerf guns cause blindness?

Nerf gun foam darts or balls traveling at a fast speed could cause long-term loss of vision, and this is only possible for modified Nerf guns that could shoot harder, faster, and much farther.

Protective eyewear is a must, and to avoid close-range firing to avoid extremely injuring the eyes that could lead to blindness. 

No point-blank shooting at all!

Can Nerf guns damage eyes?

Hasbro continuously warns players not to aim Nerf guns at the eyes or face, but some are stubborn and still do it. 

Everyone should be aware that Nerf guns could damage the eyes if shot in a short distance and aimed in the eyes. The more damaging ones are the modified guns as compared to the stock Nerf guns. 

Parents should educate their kids about the complications of firing at the head and eyes that could make the eyes bleed, swell, form clotting inside the eyes, blurred vision, and worst could be permanent damage in the eyes.

Can Nerf guns hurt eyes?

Nerf guns, if not used properly and shot in the eyes, could cause traumatic hyphema and significant eye trauma. There could also be swelling of the cornea and neuroretina, a battery of secondary eye injuries that could result in a worse visual effect in children.

The eyes are too sensitive, and being shot at a close range without protective eyewear is a big no-no that could hurt.

Hasbro guarantees their Nerf products being safe and what makes them unsafe is how it’s used, if their guns are modified, if you buy ammo not compatible with their products, you shoot carelessly, and if no protective gear is worn. 

It’s very important to abide by the safety guidelines of Hasbro, its manufacturer, to avoid any damaging and hurtful incident.

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