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Can Nerf guns pop balloons?


What are birthday parties without balloons? They would be dull and less colorful and fun. Games that would enliven a kid's party or even an adult on is popping balloons. 

The usual stuff used to pop balloons is darts and toy rifle guns with plastic pellets. Some have a popping balloon contest by sitting on it to make it pop. 

Not until we now have Nerf-themed parties or more popularly referred to as a Nerf party. 

Yes, you could use a Nerf gun to pop balloons. There are a lot of game variations made for Nerf popping balloons fun!

One of the most popular game is dividing the guests into two teams. Each of the teams would have their designated color for their balloons. It could be the green team vs. the red team. Each team member would have a balloon with their color tied around their waists. The object of the game is for the using their players of both teams to shoot as many of their opponent's balloons as using their Nerf guns. A player whose balloon has been popped out would leave the game. The winning team would be with the most players with unpopped balloons until the end.

You need a spacious area to do this game so the players could move around and evade their balloons being popped.

Another game is just like a popping balloon game wherein all the balloons are on the wall and would need to be shot using a Nerf gun. Whoever pops the most balloons wins!

Lastly, one more super Nerf popping balloon game is wherein each player has 3 lives represented by 3 balloons tied in them. They would start aiming at each other's balloons using their Nerf guns and whoever has the most balloon left at the end wins the game.

Watch this Nerf game on Youtube that has 14 million views posted in 2019. That only shows how popular Nerf guns and Nerf popping balloons games are.

How to use a Nerf gun to pop balloons?

One method is to modify the suction cup at the end by breaching the latex and put a staple on the end, and its velocity won't break the skin and don't fire at close-range. 

Another improvisation is by removing the soft head of your Nerf dart and placing a push pin in the middle of the soft head and to glue the soft head back on. Use a Nerf gun that won't be problematic when the length is added.

You'll see in the video below that toothpick is added to the foam dart so it could easily pop the balloon.

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