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Where is the best place to buy Nerf guns?


The popularity and saleability of Nerf guns make them widely accessible and available almost everywhere.

However, it would be better to purchase them in leading stores and establish online selling platforms rather than in independent retailers that generally more expensive.

The established stores and reputable online selling platforms also offer discounted prices and have great sales more often. 

You would also be provided with more options, and you could be guaranteed the legitimacy of the transactions and the Nerf guns they have.

Where can you buy Nerf guns?

Here are the top places you could purchase your new, used, or even discontinued Nerf guns. 


You could find almost any Nerf guns on eBay. They could come in cheaply too. If you’re looking for new, used, and discontinued Nerf guns, then eBay got it! 

They offer a lot of Nerf guns on sale. Just be sure, as it rarely could happen that the used Nerf gun that was shown in good and mint condition might arrive at you in a not very good shape. You need to check the items advertised with the seller first.


Amazon is the number one online selling platform for so many years. And it’s a great place to shop as it has the most extensive selection of Nerf guns, and they always have what you might want to buy in great and mint condition. There are also Nerf guns that are Amazon exclusive only.

You could also get the best prices available since they have a lot of sellers of Nerf guns that tend to compete to give the lowest deal possible. Although, at times, some Nerf guns could cost more and depending on the seller.

You’ll also encounter some used and discontinued Nerf guns at Amazon.


Target is another top choice in buying your Nerf gun as you could order and get your purchase on the same day! There are also exclusive Nerf guns for Target only. 

The thing with Target is they have limited stock, and they don’t have discontinued Nerf guns on their line-up. They do offer sales regularly. You could also drop-by any Target stores near you to check out the in-store displays of their Nerf guns.


Walmart offers low, competitive prices, and they also have a vast selection of Nerf guns. There are also Nerf guns exclusively for Walmart in the wide selections of their Nerf guns in their line-up. They offer in-store pick up or a quick delivery option.

Walmart has almost weekly sales that offer great deals on their Nerf guns. You could also visit their physical store, and you could find an array of Nerf guns on their shelves.

Where to buy Nerf guns?

You could get lucky and find some pretty neat Nerf guns around your neighborhood.  Be on the lookout since you could also buy Nerf guns in these places.

Garage Sales

You’ll be aware of this if you’ve been a frequent shopper and a bargain hunter. There are cheap and discontinued Nerf guns in one of the garage sales in your area. You’ll be able to get them cheaper, but you might need to buy some missing parts or ammo.

Another thing, the Nerf guns on garage sales might not be in top-notch conditions since they’re already used. But, who knows, you might stumble on some great looking Nerf guns and that are priced so low?

Second-Hand Stores or Thrift Stores

The thing with second-hand stores is you could not expect the Nerf guns to be complete and in good condition, but you could buy them for less. There could also be some treasure finds of Nerf guns if you happen to chance by them. 

Salvation Army has a no toy gun for sale policy, but Goodwill sells a lot of new and used Nerf guns are bottom-low prices. You could get some very valuable and high-priced Nerf guns at Goodwill if you’re very lucky.

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