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What age are Nerf guns for?


Toy guns have been in the market from way back. The emergence of Nerf guns for more than 3 decades even made toy guns more exciting and innovative. 

They're made intended generally for kids 8 years and above, but now, they have Nerf guns for kids below 5 years old, for kids 6 and up, and they came out with a line, the Rival series geared for the youth and adults with an age recommendation of 14 years old and up.

It's safe to say that Nerf guns are almost for everyone. They could be fun even if you're an adult. Their first target market were kids, but the older populace also got hooked that it paved the way for Hasbro to come up with Nerf guns for grown-ups who are serious about these plastic toy guns as a collection or as weaponry for their war games battles.

Why are kids and adults alike hook on Nerf guns?

Here is the list of the common reasons why Nerf guns are both enjoyable for kids and adults.

  • It's a great way to keep kids and adults busy while active and having fun
  • They provide the entertainment and motivation to have a better alternative way to be outdoor and to be active 
  • Kids and adults could be stay from the screens and gadgets, and it could give them hours of awesome beneficial time
  • It's a great option for target practice that provides hours of excitement and fun while developing your aiming skills 
  • It's one of the best toy options for bridging the gap between kids and adults.

We've also rounded up the age-recommended Nerf guns per age-bracket. This would ensure that these guns would be age-appropriate for their users.

Nerf guns for below 5 years old

Nerf guns are truly loads of fun and for kids below the age of 5, smaller age-appropriate Nerf guns would be great for them. They have smaller hands and loading and priming bigger guns would be harder and such a feat since they still don't have the dexterity or strength to fire.  Here are Nerf guns that would be easy for the smaller kids to use.

Nerf guns to 5 and up

Here are more Nerf guns that are appropriate for kids 5 years old and up.

Nerf guns for 6 years old and up

These guns are designed to be geared for kids 6 years old and up.

Nerf guns for 8 and up

The most plentiful Nerf guns come in the 8 years old and above age bracket which can be found at Amazon

Nerf guns for 14 years old up

The Rival Nerf guns line-up on Amazon includes all guns that are geared for 14 years old and up.

After Thoughts

Nerf guns are the best toys ever that are game-changers and revolutionary. Just make sure that users use protective eye goggles and teach your kid beforehand the safety rules when playing with Nerf guns.

Everyone needs to be aware that they shouldn't aim at faces, don't shoot in close range, and to be extra careful with priceless things in the house, like maybe a glass display. 

As a whole, Nerf guns are wishlist worthy and highly-giftable for everyone!

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