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How many cards in Exploding Kittens?


The Exploding Kittens card game has 56 cards in a deck. Here's the rundown of the different cards in an Exploding Kittens original deck game.

4 Exploding Kitten Cards

This card must be shown immediately unless you have a Defuse card onhand. If you don't, you're dead! Discard all of your cards that include Exploding kitten cards.

6 Defuse Cards

If you drew an Exploding Kitten, you could play this card instead of dying. All you have to do is to put your defuse card in the discard pile.

Then take the Exploding Kitten, and with no reordering or looking at the other cards, you need to secretly put it back anywhere in the draw pile.

Do you want the next player from you to be in trouble? Then, put the Exploding Kitten on top of the deck. Alas! He or she would be caught dead with it. Another trick you could do is to put the card under the table as you hold the deck underneath. 

Your turn would be over after playing this card.

5 Nope Cards

Having a Nope cared would be able to stop any card except for an Exploding Kitten or a Defuse Card. You could assume that any card beneath a Nope Card never existed.

A Nope could also be played on another Nope to void it and create a Yup, and so on.

A Nope could likewise be played at any time before an action has begun, and even if it's not your turn. Any cards that have been Noped are lost. They'll be left in the Discard Pile.

You can even play a Nope on a special combo, which I'll discuss later in this article.

2X4 Attack Cards

There's an option for you to not draw any cards. You could immediately force the next player to take 2 turns in a row. Continue the play from that player. The victim of this card takes a turn as normal or could choose either to pass or play then make a draw. When their first turn is over, it would be their turn again.

If a player is a victim of an Attack Card plays an Attack Card on any of their turns, the next target player must take any remaining turns plus the number of attacks on the Attack Card just played, such as playing 4 turns, maybe 6, and what the card says.

4 Skip Cards

Immediately end your turn without drawing a card.

If you play a Skip Card as a defense to an Attack Card, it only ends 1 of the 2 turns. And, 2 Skip Cards would end both turns.

4 Favor Cards

This would force any other player to give you 1 card from their hand. They would be the ones to choose which card to give you.

4 Shuffle Cards

Get to shuffle the Draw Pile without looking at the cards until told to stop. It's very useful when you know an Exploding Kitten is coming.

3X5 See the Future Cards

You'll have the privilege to look at the top 3 cards privately from the Draw Pile and put them back in the same order. Be cautious not to show the cards to the other players.

4 of Each Type of Cat Cards

These cat cards are powerless on their own, but if having or accumulating 2 matching Cat Cards, you can play them as a pair that gives you the power to steal a random card from the other player.

They could also be used in Special Combos, as enumerated below.

What are the special combos of cards in Exploding Kittens?

It would be best to play your first game first and get the feel of the game before you familiarize yourself with the special combos you could use and would help you in the game.

Two of a kind

It's not only cat cards that you could have a pair of but any cards in the decks with the same suit like a pair of skip cards, a pair of shuffle cards, and so on 

Three of a kind

The same as Two of a Kind, but in this instance, get to name the card you want from the other player. If they have it, you could get or take it. If not, you get nothing.

Five different cards

If you are playing with 5 different cards, such as any 5 cards with a different suit or kind then, you could go through the Discard Pile and get to take any single card you wish. Make sure to grab the pile quickly to choose your card so that you don't get Noped at all!

When you are playing with special combos, just ignore the instructions on the cards.

Streaking kittens

When playing with the Streaking Kittens expansion pack, the Streaking Kitten could not be used with the 5 Card Special Combo. This means you can't use it in your 5 cards onhand, neither could you remove it from the Discard Pile.

The reason for this is it would break the game. Don't dare break the game since the game loves you.

After Thoughts

As I was walking around this season of giving, I saw Exploding Kittens being sold and people were buying them. I just had a happy thought that it's because it's a great and enjoyable one to play. So, why not? 

Hundreds of thousands to millions of people had supported and continue to support its original game and all the following variations and expansion sets it has because it's fun, interesting, and a highly-rated, very unique card game for everyone.

Could you imagine more than 45,000 people gave their positive reviews on it? This is the most number of people who went out of their way to leave great feedback on it.

People believed in it because it's truly worthy!

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