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How to Install a Toddleroo Baby Gate or Supergate?


Baby’s safety is every parent’s number one priority. When baby starts to learn how to crawl, it would be hard to leave them alone in the room. If your house has a stair, it would be best to buy a baby gate to keep them from falling. There are several kinds of baby gates available in the market. One trusted brand is the Toddleroo baby gate or Supergate.

Toddleroo baby gate comes in different sizes and designs to fit every parent’s needs. It also comes in different colors. Installing a Toddleroo Supergate is easy as long as you follow the manual’s instructions carefully. When you purchase a Toddleroo baby gate, an instruction manual is included or you can check their website in case you lost the manual. There are also video instructions online for you to follow. If you are interested to learn how to install a Toddleroo Supergate, here is a step-by-step guide.

How to Install a Toddleroo Baby Gate?

1. Put the tape pads at the receding parts of the door sockets or wall cups.

2. Get the gate and expand it while on the floor. Be sure that the handle is on the other side, away from the kid. 

3. Attach the wall cups to the surface so that the bumpers touch. Carefully remove the protective cover and stick them together. Do the same procedure on the other side. Be sure that the gate is mounted on the floor. The gate should not be more than 1 ½ inches above the floor. 

4. Support the baby gate by making sure the bumpers are aligned with the wall cups and then rotate the handle and lock it to the slots. Check if the lock is secured.

5. To unlock the gate, press down the locking handle lightly and twist it in an outward motion so you can pull the gate away gently.

Before installation, make sure all the parts are complete and that you have all the necessary tools with you.

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