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When Is The Hot Wheels Convention?


Since the year 2000, the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention has been held in Southern California. In 2020, the said convention was scheduled to take place last October 7-11. This event was supposed to be held in Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel, which was located in Los Angeles, California. But, the said event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Was Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary?

The 50th anniversary of hot wheels took place last May 18, 2018. The said event was celebrated with live experiences, along with the release of commemorative items. Until this present day, Hot Wheels remains the number one selling toy in the whole world. With more than 500 million die cast toys released annually, this brand is no doubt unbeatable.

It was during this golden anniversary that the largest traveling car show was launched. This show aims to search for that lucky car that will serve as the model of the new batch of diecast toys that will be produced by Mattel, Inc. The said tour visited 14 Walmart stores in America. The 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels also featured the Hot Wheels Challengers program. This is where kids are encouraged to demonstrate the challenger spirit of the brand. This program includes a regional competition for BMX and skate enthusiasts. In this event, kids are given the opportunity to challenge themselves, compete with others, and develop new friendships.

The 50th-anniversary celebration of Hot Wheels also included the karting competition where kids aged 8-14 can join. The final championship race was held last September 2018 at K1 Speed San Francisco.

It was also during the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels that the “Master Set” was released. On Dec.11, 2018, the Hot Wheels Anniversary Collections, which were all placed in one case, were provided exclusively to certified Hot Wheels collectors. There were only 1,250 pieces released.

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