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Are Mega Bloks BPA Free?


When buying things for our kids, our number one priority is their safety. Before giving toys to children, it is important to check that they are age-appropriate and non-toxic. Most toys that did not undergo safety standards are usually harmful to children. The materials that were used are most probably toxic and contain harmful substances. 

To know whether the toys are safe for children, best to check if they passed the safety protocols. Most brands that are trusted include this information on their packages and websites. One brand, for example, is the Mega Bloks. This is a brick-based toy where kids can create and construct whatever they like. 

Mega Bloks is owned by Mattel, which is a popular company when it comes to children’s toys. The manufacturer of Mega Bloks claims that all their toys are BPA free and had passed Canada and United States toy safety standards. They are proud to say that all Mega Bloks are BPA and PVC free.

Parents can now rest easy that their kids are safe with all Mega Bloks product lines. Aside from Mega Bloks, their sibling brand Mega Construx also adheres to the toy safety protocols of United States and Canada. So, if you want your kids to play with these types of toys, rest assured that they will not only be having fun but will also be safe from harm.

If you still wish to learn more about their products, you can always check their website to see what their products are all about. You can check their FAQ page if you still have questions about Mega Bloks being BPA free. Aside from the safety protocols, you can learn more about the different product lines they have that your kids will surely enjoy. Their toys are the perfect gift not only for your kids but also for those who enjoy brick-based sets.

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