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Is Exploding Kittens fun with 2 players?


Exploding Kittens is designed for 2 to 5 players, but it’s very adaptable even if there are only two players as it’s truly a fun game to play. It’s a card game that everyone takes their turn at randomly distributed cards plus cards to be drawn by them.

Everyone has one Defuse card each. The game starts wherein the players take their turns in a clockwise manner. Each of the turns would consist of the following order. Either you play the cards or don’t, then you could draw a card. 

The number of exploding kittens in the deck would depend on the number of people playing, as there should always one less kitten in the deck than players. This also means that it works well as a two-player game or in five players game, and there’s just as much fun each time.

How many cards could a player play each turn?

It’s a card game wherein a player could choose to play one, two, or even 3 cards from their hand. There’s no limit to how many cards a player could play, so you could dispose of all your cards in your first turn alone. 

There are numerous strategies that you could adapt to, and one of them is you don’t have to play a card as this is the part of the turn that could be ignored if you want to. After you’ve played a card in your hand, you end your turn by drawing one. 

Why is Exploding Kittens different from other card games?

Exploding Kittens is different from other card games because it’s very much unlikely where you have to draw a card at the beginning of your turn. If you draw an Exploding Kitten, you immediately lose the game. It’s only a Defuse card that would avoid you exploding. Remember, everyone just has one Defuse card each. 

If you use your Defuse card, you could take the Exploding Kitten and put it back anywhere in the deck. You could be a little sneaky and put it secretly and subtly on top of the deck. The next player could be in danger of exploding if they don’t have a Defuse card onhand.  Tsk tsk! 

If a defuse card is used, it’s discarded. The next Kitten you get is exploding unless you get your hands on another defuse. 

How could you avoid exploding in the game?

There are other ways to last longer in the game and to eventually come out as the winner. You could use the other cards wisely. Each of these cards has its powers and functions to win over your opponents.

Attack cards would allow you to immediately end your turn and then force the next player to take two turns in a row. 

Skip cards would allow you to skip your turn. 

Favor cards would force an opponent to give you one card of their choice. 

Shuffle cards would permit you to randomly shuffle the draw pile. 

See the Future cards would allow you to peek at the top three cards of the deck and you need to put them back in the same manner of order.

Cat cards have no particular effect on their own, but if played in pairs, it would allow you to steal a random card from any of your chosen opponents.

Nope card is a card that could void anybody’s action except for exploding kittens and defuses. Lastly, you could “nope” a “nope,” making a “yup,” and so forth.

What’s the key to succeeding in Exploding Kittens?

You need to know how to use your cards onhand and remember, the object of the game is very simple. Don’t get blown up by exploding!

Since there is a limited number of exploding kittens in the deck, the game would always end before all of the cards are used; hence you’ll never reshuffle the deck. This would make the deck get smaller and smaller as the game progresses and thus would increase the chance of encountering an exploding kitten. 

The wiser you are with your cards, the more chance you have to be safe from exploding.

Finally, playing a two-player game could be very much exciting as having more players. Aside from all the cards, there are combo plays that you could use after you’ve used your Defuse card. If there are two of you and there’s only one card left, and you quite know it’s an exploding kitten, well, you could still turn the tables and use your special combo cards illustrated in the instructions, such as two of a kind, three of a kind, 2 favor cards, etc. 

After Thoughts

Exploding Kittens is a really fun game to play, and the cards are made of high-quality illustrations from The Oatmeal. They are brilliantly made with funny captions and text as well.

It’s precisely made that could be enjoyed even by two players, and it doesn’t diminish its fun factor at all!

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