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What age is Exploding Kittens for?


Are you ready for the giggles and laughter? If yes, then Exploding Kittens is the game for you! It's very interesting and strangely funny at the same time. Let your hair loose and enjoy this weird and super fun card game for everyone.

The age recommendation on the box is 7 years old and up, and the kids could truly have a blast playing this game. It's a really fun game to play with the kids since it is easy to learn, and the game takes about 20 minutes to play. The cards are hilarious, and it is funny when you get the exploding kitten. This is a game that could be played over and over.

It doesn't truly matter what everyone's age is. They would be on the same level when playing this game. It was made for everyone to have fun that even a 6-year-old could pick it up quickly and win the game. The illustrations greatly help a lot for kids to figure out the cards they have on hand. 

Why is Exploding Kittens recommendable for ages 7 years old and up?

It's a great fun game with fairly easy rules and a good sense of humor.

The game is a good balance of luck and strategy and learning to play it is very simple.

Age is less relevant than temperament in this card game wherein there's not a lot of reading, and the concept is simple to understand, but there's strategy required to make the game fun and not just random, and that requires patience and concentration.

There's also quite a bit of downtime as you wait for each player to make his or her choices that are good for kids to take their time and not be rushed to take their turn.

The game could be adjusted easily for 2-5 players, and the cards are entertaining to read for kids and adults.

Kids would love that the game is easy to learn, and it's very funny as well.

It might look and sound a little weird, but it is loads of fun, and you don't have to be very old to play it, which makes it great fun for the whole family.

Once the kids understand to understand the instructions, it would be easy and fun.

It's a clever, quirky, and adorably crazy game.

It offers pretty quick play.

The visuals of each card are enough for kids to associate the card meaning when they see the graphics.

Playing it is filled with laughs and giggles as you'll never know when you're going to explode.

You could complete a game in about 15 minutes, and that means everyone has a chance to win in an hour of play.

All the kids, including teens, think it is fun and funny.

It's a card game with a twist that brings more excitement while playing, and you could bring it anywhere.

After Thoughts

Your family and kids would be entertained by this cheeky, funny, and fun game. It's an unpredictable, humorous strategic card game for everyone, although some might feel it's better for kids aged older than 7.  Otherwise, it's fun and different and a great way to get the kids and the whole family off their phones and gadgets.

It's amazingly an engaging game to add to anyone's game collection. You'll never get tired of it!

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