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Can Mega Bloks Be Used with Duplo?


Mega Bloks and Duplo are one of the top brands when it comes to brick construction toys. Both are great brands and have different product lines that cater to different ages and interests. Although both toys may seem very similar, they still have a lot of differences. One of which is their size. This is why many are interested to know if they can use Mega Bloks with Duplo so their kids can create more construction design.

Can You Use Mega Bloks with Duplo?

By just simply looking at both brands, it may seem that the answer is a hard yes; however, it does not seem like that. Many are claiming that the two are not compatible with each other; thus, you cannot use Duplo with Mega Bloks. Although, some people also say that you can use both brands together if you place Mega Bloks over Duplo. So, if you have a Duplo baseboard, you can use your Mega Bloks bricks on it and other Mega Bloks bricks on top of your Duplo bricks but not the other way around.

It may seem that both brands are not entirely compatible, but it is nice to know that you can still somehow combine Mega Bloks with Duplo. This is a great way for children to create more construction designs and broaden their imagination. 

Toys like Duplo and Mega Bloks are nice gifts for children. Apart from it is enjoyable and educational, kids can grow old with these types of toys. As kids grow older, there are also age-appropriate Duplo and Mega Bloks for them. Another plus factor is that they do not have to throw their old bricks because they can combine them with other Mega Bloks or Duplo’s product lines (whichever brand they own).

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