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Are Mega Bloks The Same As Legos?


Many parents have probably heard of Mega Bloks and Lego from their children, asking parents to buy a set for them. Most parents are also aware that Lego and Mega Bloks are two different brands of plastic construction block toys. So, are Mega Bloks the same as Legos? Yes, because they are both plastic block toys but are two different brands.

A lot of people are asking whether which brand is the original construction block toys or which was first introduced in public. Between Lego and Mega Bloks, Lego was first released in 1949, and Mega Bloks was introduced to the public in 1967. So, it was Lego that was first released and not Mega Bloks.

Other differences are their country of origin, themes, price, and brick size and quality. Mega Bloks country of origin is in Canada, while Lego is in Denmark. Leo is relatively more expensive than Mega Bloks, probably because of the quality of their bricks. The standard size of Mega Bloks is significantly bigger compared to Lego’s standard brick size. 

Both brands also carry different themes for their sets. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are just some of Lego’s famous themes. You can find Hello Kitty, Star Craft, Power Rangers, Moshi Monsters, and Halo themes from Mega Bloks. Although both brands differ in many ways, the two brands have the same purpose.

Since Mega Bloks and Legos are both construction brick toys, it is only expected that they will be compared with and compete. However, most Lego users and enthusiasts will require a lot more convincing to try and switch to Mega Bloks. Although this does not mean that Mega Bloks products are of low quality, some people just have their own preference when it comes to toys.

Mega Bloks and Lego can be purchased at Amazon and Walmart.

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