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Are Mega Bloks the Same as Duplo?


Mega Bloks and Duplo are the same in terms of their purpose and intention. Both are brick construction toys and are intended to let kids learn while playing and having fun. Duplo and Mega Bloks intend to help kids develop several skills like creativity, construction, organizational skills, fine motor, and lateral thinking are just some of the things that children can benefit from this kind of toy. Although both have the same purpose, they differ in so many things.

The two brands are different in so many things like price, quality, size, and the characters that come with each brand. When it comes to price, Duplo is more expensive compared with Mega Bloks. For quality, many users claim that Duplo uses better materials and are sturdier. Users are torn when it comes to the fit of the blocks. Mega Bloks is a bit looser than Duplo, making it better for younger children to fit and deconstruct. This is perfect for kids 1 to 2 years of age.

The size of the Mega Bloks and Duplo are also different. Mega Bloks have larger bricks, which is also better when it comes to children who are very young and are just starting to learn to play bricks. There are also different product lines for both brands. Call of Duty and Halo are just some examples of Mega Bloks themes, while Thomas and Friends and Disney Pixar Toy Story are for Duplo.

Although both have their differences, the two brands are great gift ideas for children. Kids can learn and discover a lot of things in a brick construction toy. So, are Mega Bloks the same as Duplo? No, they are not the same as they come from different brands and manufacturers. But they are both brick construction toys that will keep children busy for long hours. 

You may purchase Mega Bloks and Duplo products at Amazon and Walmart.

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