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Who Makes Mega Bloks?


When it comes to building construction toys, Mega Bloks is one of the brands that would come to mind. Aside from the more popular brand Lego, Mega Bloks had gained popularity among many kids and parents. Many are possibly asking if Lego and Mega Bloks are from the same company or have the same manufacturers. It is a valid question since both brands are building blocks. However, Mega Bloks is different from Lego.

So, who makes Mega Bloks? Mega Brands Inc is the maker of Mega Bloks which was originally known as Ritvik Holdings and Mega Bloks Inc. Currently, Mega Brands is owned by Mattel. Mega Brands is a Canadian toy company that has other brands like Mega Puzzles, Mega Construx, and Mega Bloks. Mega Brands, is not only into construction building blocks, but they also manufacture other types of toys, puzzles and craft materials.

Mega Bloks has been providing fun and learning activities to children for over 30 years now and is continuously improving the toys they market to the children. Mega Bloks offers different kinds of building construction toys, depending on age. The company believes that children can already enjoy and create things with blocks, even at a young age.

Mega Bloks have different stages for their construction building toys – first builders, junior builders, wonder builders and pro builders. First builders are suitable for children aged 12 months and up, Junior is for 3 years and up, wonder builders for 5 years of age and up and pro builders for kids aged 10 and up. 

Each stage is designed to develop different skills at every age, from developing gross motor skills and imagination to developing creativity, problem-solving skills, and strengthening creative thinking capability.

Mega Bloks may be associated with Lego, but the two are not the same and were formed by two different companies. You can easily purchase Mega Bloks toys from Amazon and Walmart.

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