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How to play numbered Jenga with 4 dice?


Table of Contents:

How to play numbered Jenga with 4 dice

There’s no stopping for Jenga to be more exciting and to have a more variety to the classic Jenga.

There is another version and this is the numbered Jenga to be played with 4 dice. It’s suitable for 2 to 6 players. There are 54 wooden numbered blocks in this game.

One by one you also need to carefully remove a block in the stack and put it on the top of the tower. There a level of difficulty here since you don’t have the liberty to which block to remove. The usual rule with numbered blocks and 4 dice is a player roll on the 4 dice before his or her turn. The total number of the four dice is the block he or she needs to remove.

You can also set the rules among all players. You can all decide how many dices you want, or how to deal with the numbers you go. You can opt for addition, subtraction or multiplication. The difficulty level would all be up to you before the game begins. 

Whoever causes the collapse of the tower loses the game. The most commonly used option is adding the total number you got after you rolled the four dice.  For example you got 5 + 2 +1 +3 and that’s a total of 10. You need to remove block number 10.

It’s a very addicting game wherein everybody especially the kids could improve on their concentration, handling pressure, better math skills, and dexterity while having a blast.

Each block is made of high-quality wood with a smooth finish that makes it safe and long-lasting. Just be sure that young children will be supervised by an adult during play. The pack comes with 54 wooden blocks set and 4 wooden dice.

After Thoughts

This Jenga numbered blocks with 4 dice is a great game that children and adults can play together. The fun is endless, never gets outdated or boring. It’s simply means more fun and thrilling moments.

In this version, you can make and set the rules but one thing remains. The winner would always be the last man standing not crashing down the tower!

Throw in the laughter and make the game more hilarious as you excitedly throw and roll those dice to make your turn!

You can find number jenga blocks on Amazon.

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