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Best Swimming Pool Safety Floats


Safety is also very important in all swimming activities. Good thing that this would be covered and assured with swimming pool safety floats.

Here is one of the best swimming pool safety floats.

IDRYBAG Safety Swim

IDRYBAG Safety Swim Buoy Adult Tow Float 15L, Triathletes Open Water Swim Buoy Safe Training, Inflatable Float Swim Buoy for Floating, Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Canoeing, Rafting, Surfing, Fishing

This safety swim float is made from durable eco-friendly PVC fabric.  The IDRYBAG swim buoy is innoxious, safe, lightweight, and durable. Its strap is made with polypropylene, which has excellent firmness and wear-resistance. Not only for swimming, but also suits many other water sports, such as floating, kayaking, boating, rafting, canoeing, surfing, and fishing.

It would be your ideal companion in the water as it's colorful and highly visible in any water setting. You would be easy to spot by other people from a distance due to its high visibility. This swim buoy would also provide you with the extra security against passing boats and jet skis especially in open water among the waves. Be safe and confident with it all the time.

This safety swim device is adjustable and removable and it would effortlessly tow float behind you which does not get in the way while swimming your swimming or floating. You don't even feel you're wearing it. Idrybag swim buoy has enough buoyancy in case you cramp up or simply enjoy a relaxing float. 

Lastly, it's very easy to inflate and deflate as it has a valve for blowing air in. It can be inflated with your mouth directly or by an inflator until enough air is blown in. To deflate after use, you just simply screw open the valve cap and press the tip for the air to come out, then you could fold for easy portability.


  • Good quality, heavy, and sturdy
  • Great idea for putting phone, wallet, and keys in while you swim.
  • Great color
  • The material is thick
  • Inflates easily and deflates in seconds for folding flat storage
  • This buoy is nice and small so easy to pull and big enough to use as a safety float.
  • The buoy floats and holds your items
  • Does the intended job at a cheaper price 


  • A suggestion would be tapering the strap end to reduce drag

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