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Best Giant Floats for Swimming Pools


Here is one of the best giant floats for swimming pools.

Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice

Toyland 180 x 145cm Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice - Outdoor Pool / Beach Toys

No one would resist this giant slice of pizza float. It's always a hit to any swimming bonding time. It's 6 ft long and made from strong, durable vinyl which could hold up to 200 pounds in weight.

One of the best giant swimming pool floats and rafts available that's also reasonably priced. It's awesome for both the kids and adults for lounging, sitting, and lying on in the pool.

Another wonderful feature is you could form a whole pizza by having a slice for your family and friends! Also, added to the fact, it's easy to clean and easy to inflate and deflate.

It's a sure winner and it's the best gift for families and friends for a cool summer!


  • A giant slice of pizza floating on the pool  equates to great fun
  • You have an option to create a whole pizza
  • Perfect for lounging around on
  • It has a solid and excellent quality
  • Very comfortable with a great size
  • You could lay on it for hours in the pool floating around
  • So relaxing you can fall asleep
  • Great purchase
  • One of the superb large swimming pool floats you could purchase


  • No negative reviews so far

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