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Magic Tricks and How to do it


Any magic trick could be neat and impressive if it’s done right and performed well. There should be a wow factor in your trick to make it interesting and catching to your audience.

With today’s technology, there’s a lot of ways to learn magic easily and visually as well.

Aside from books, instructional manuals, there are DVD’S and how-to videos online that you can watch and learn.

Upon learning a good number of tricks, try to perform it in front of your family and friends. Ask for their feedback and try to improve on areas of your act that needs a little more polishing.

Your overall performance and presentation are what would leave a mark and they’re the number one facets to fascinate your audience.

Presentation is the make or break of any magic trick.

Here are three magic tricks that are quite easy and can be learned quickly enough to master it in a shorter time.

The Rising Arm Trick

This is one magic trick that includes a body part. It may look like an out of body experience. This is a good trick that would give the kids a treat! You probably had done it as a kid unconsciously but it could be a good body part trick.

All you have to do in a doorway and press your hands and forearms into the sides of the doorframe. The harder and longer you press the more effective it would have. You can ask a volunteer to stand there for a minute and do it to their arm. Once the time is up, have them turn to the side. Their arms will rise as if it’s being pulled by an invisible energy.

This is the right way to do this trick.

  • Have your volunteer lean on their arm against the wall for around 30-60 seconds
  • Then have them to slowly step away from the wall
  • Your audience would see your volunteer’s arm should then rising on its own

Crack an Apple with Your Bare Hands Trick

This is another trick that would use just an apple. It would amaze the kids since an apple is a solid and hard fruit to crack just using your bare hand. It would intrigue your audience how you were able to do it.

There’s a secret to this trick and it’s all about force and leverage. You can discover how to do this trick. It could be useful in times where there is no knife in sight.

You can watch the trick here and begin cracking those apples easily to awe others.

Pen Through Bill Trick

This trick is just impressive. Show how to pass a pen through a dollar without destroying the dollar. At the end of the trick, you can raise the dollar and show that it’s still in one piece and there’s no damage.

It would be mind-blowing to make it appear that you’ve punctured a hole through a precious dollar bill and then be able to restore it!

This is how you do it.

Make a Cup Float in Mid Air Trick

This trick would truly entertain your audience as they watch you levitate a Styrofoam cup in mid-air. It would astonish them, seeing a cup float in the air.

You get to perform this without them guessing or figuring out how you were able to do it with the help of a little stage distraction to divert your audience in finding the truth about this trick.

Find out in the link below on how you could do this trick properly and successfully.

After Thoughts

Magic is not all about just the wonderful tricks you have in store for your audience but it’s about how you’ll be able to deliver it convincingly.

Your performance would count the must in the score-cards and hearts of your audience.

It’s great to be able to perform magic tricks and bring joy to people and watch their eyes light up with amazement.

It could only be done by perfecting your magic tricks through practice since there are no retakes when you’re on the stage.

It’s a live performance that needs to be precise and accurate with no take two to consider!

You can find magic tricks set for kids on Amazon.

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