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How long does PlayDoh take to dry?


Play-Doh stays soft, moldable, and pliable for some time as long that you make it a point to put it back in an airtight container after each use. The good thing about Play-doh is if it loses some of its soft texture, it could be revived with just a little water.

If you'll use Play-Doh to make some figures or characters and you want to dry it for the purpose to be able to display or use it as accessories to your keychain or even as a ref magnet, and charm.

You could work with Play-Doh with other media like varnish and paint, and it would take 3-4 days drying.

You could leave the Play-doh pieces on a tray to dry in a moderately warm dry place and avoid exposing them in hot places, direct to the sunlight and humidity.

Your creations would not experience any cracks or crumbles. Just make sure you keep your sculptures on the smaller side and avoid making long thin pieces that could extend outside of your sculpture, and it would be guaranteed safe from disfiguration, cracks and crumbles.

Here are some Play-Doh creations and sculptures using the 3 to 4 days drying process.

Besides hours of countless fun for your kids, using Play-Doh would give these benefits:

  • It would develop fine motor skills
  • It's calming for children and for adults too
  • It would encourage creativity and expression of ideas
  • It enhances hand-eye coordination
  • It improves social skills among children
  • It supports educational learning in a lot of aspects like math, language, arts, and science
  • It promotes playtime with lots of fun and exploration

Play-Doh is really good air-dry modeling compound on the market that won't crack and shrink by just following the right process in the rigt way to dry them out.

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