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Who owns Play-Doh?


Play-Doh inventor Noah McVicker, along with his family, formed Rainbow Crafts Company Inc. as a satellite company of its mother company Kutol Products.

It was Rainbow Crafts Company Inc. that made and sold Play-Doh to the elementary schools around their area in greater Cincinnati. At that time in 1957, Play-Doh was only available in three colors, such as blue, yellow, and red.

Noah McVicker at that time, yearned for something more. He wanted his product to be known and used by most children as much as possible. He didn’t have much money to work on the advertising of his product.

He didn’t want to lose the opportunity for Play-Doh to reach everyone; thus, he decided to produce a new line and presented it Bob Keeshan, who was a popular tv personality from the most popular children show at that time and known as Captain Kangaroo to his followers.

It was a good strategic move from McVicker at that time, and fortunately enough, Bob Keeshan loved the product for him to offer using Play-Doh once a week on his show. That’s the greatest advertisement one could ever get!

It was through Bob Keeshan, aka Captain Kangaroo, that made Play-Doh a household name and a success with its sales reaching the ceiling. The demand was so great and overwhelming after Play-Doh’s tv exposure.

Play-Doh needed to be always relevant and to keep offering more as it continued to succeed; hence accessories were added in 1960, and more product development took place. This gave way to the birth of the very popular Fun Factory.

In Fun Factory, Play-Doh became a multi-facet clay that could be shaped in numerous shapes and forms with its newer, smoother, and softer texture.

Rainbow Crafts was shipping more than one million cans of Play-Doh per year in 1964. General Mills bought the company in 1965, and under its wings, Play-Doh became under the Kenner brand name from 1965 to 1991.

Hasbro acquired the company in 1991, and it continues to be the manufacturer and seller of Play-Doh up to the present.

Would you believe that more the 2 billion Play-Doh have been sold since 1955 around the world? Now, that’s legendary!

Some things are meant to be great, and that includes, Play-Doh.

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