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Who sells Play-Doh?


Who doesn't sell Play-Doh nowadays? Almost all leading stores around the world sell Play-Doh, and that includes school supply stores and children's stores everywhere.

This original iconic modeling compound had been elevated to a spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, in 1998. As a Hall Famer, Play-Doh had sold more than 3 billion cans around the world, and kids have played with 700 million pounds of Play-Doh since it came out in the market.

That's a pretty tough act to follow and conquer.

To add, Hasbro, the toy giant owner of the putty, filed paperwork to trademark the product's signature smell as well.

To this day, Hasbro sells around 500 million cans of Play-Doh a year worldwide. That only shows that Play-Doh is here to stay for good!

Where to buy Play-Doh?


Amazon has one of the widest selection of Play-Doh products and sets for sale with hard to beat prices.


eBay also has a wide range of selection of Play-Doh products with fantastic prices.


Shop for Play-Doh at Walmart in-store and online.


For a wide assortment of Play-Doh, shop at Target in-store or online.

Where to get and find Play-Doh?

You could also visit the Play-Doh website worldwide at the link below:


After Thoughts

Nothing would beat the original Play-Doh. The accidental child toy is now a legendary hall of fame toy. What started as a wallpaper cleaner is now one of the iconic toys that are here to stay for good.

It continues to educate and give fun and enjoyment everywhere around the world.

It's Play-Doh that comes into everyone's mind whenever they think of a molding compound clay or merely clay. That's how much impact it has on all of us.

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