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Are Mega Bloks Compatible with Duplo?


Mega Bloks and Duplo are popular toys for kids and kids at heart who love playing with bricks and construction. Although both are brick construction set toys, many are asking if they fit together or if they are compatible. The reason people are asking this question is so that they can mix and match the bricks from the two brands.

Is Mega Bloks Compatible with Duplo?

Most parents and collectors probably have the same question. Mega Bloks are a bit cheaper compared with Duplo. If parents are after saving some bucks, then they are most likely to be interested to know. However, to answer the question, they are not compatible. Although they may look exactly alike, unfortunately, the bricks from the two brands do not fit each other.

However, there are some users who claim that there are some Mega Bloks and Duplo bricks that can fit together. There is only certain brick size that is compatible with each other but not all. Other users also claim that you can fit Mega Bloks over Duplo but not the other way around. So, if you wish to combine them, make sure that it is Mega Bloks on top to make it work.

The good news is that Mega Bloks are compatible with all other Mega Bloks product line, same with Duplo. So, if your kids already have a set of Duplo or Mega Bloks, it would be best to stick with the brand that your child has. This way, they can build and create more designs with their bricks. 

Mega Bloks or Duplo both have been proven to be loved by many kids. This may be because kids love to put things together and create something new. If you are looking for gifts for your kids, they will highly appreciate these types of toys.

You can purchase both brands at Amazon and Walmart.

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