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Where to store Nerf guns?


Nerf guns come in an array of designs and models, and both kids and adults love them. Most Nerf lovers can't get enough of the wonderful products that they end up collecting them.  

As a result, these Nerf guns become an investment that should be properly stored for them to be organized and to not be everywhere scattered in your home. 

There are a lot of awesome ways to store Nerf guns and to make sure they are properly taken care of.

Here are some of the places you could store Nerf guns:

You could hang them

You could put them in a vacant closet in your house, and for its rod, you could put s-hooks to hang the plasters in no time. 

You could holster the Nerf guns

Get an inexpensive wire shelving, and you could make a series of holsters to store the guns upright. 

Use a pegboard to hang them

One of the commonly used is a pegboard you could mount on the wall and put your Nerf guns. 

Make use of a slat board for Nerf storage

A Slatwall is commercially used for outfitting spaces into stores. It's what you see as display fixtures that use grooves to showcase products in stores everywhere. You could have one in your home that you could use with Slatwall hooks, pegs, shelves, and baskets to dress your wall you desire to store Nerf blasters, darts, and accessories.

Store them in plastic bins

This is the easiest way to store Nerf guns. Plastic bins are widely available, and all you have to do is to put the Nerf as soon as you have them. It's that simple.

Use a wire rack to hang them

Another option is to mount a wire rack and some hooks, and you're ready to arrange the Nerf guns.

Put the Nerf guns in a hanging plastic shoe rack

This is another easy and readily available alternative to store Nerf guns. Just hang it behind a door, and you could instantly put the Nerf guns, darts, and even Nerf accessories. 

Find an empty cabinet in your home

An empty cabinet or a DIY assembly cabinet you could purchase could also be a perfect place to store Nerf guns. It would solely be a cabinet for the Nerf guns in your home. 

Use PVC pipes to store them

Another storage solution for Nerf guns is PVC pipes designed vertically to avoid the clutter of these toy guns. 

Place and store Nerf guns in a chest

Most moms store their kid's toys in a toy chest or a piece of wooden chest furniture to keep them organized. You could also store Nerf guns here.

Here are some suggestions that you could purchase easily and use to store Nerf guns.

NERF Elite Blaster Rack

NERF Elite Blaster Rack - Storage for up to Six Blasters, Including Shelving and Drawers Accessories, Orange and Black - Amazon Exclusive

Nerf came up with their blaster rack that could keep up to Nerf guns and darts, plus accessories organized and neatly arranged so you'll always be ready for your next Nerf war.

This rack is compartmentalized with a drawer and shelvings with also provide multiple storage solutions that include hooks and railings. It has a snap-on and snap-fit assembly that's very easy, and it comes with an instruction manual and a step by step video to put it together.


  • Kids do love this storage rack 
  • There is an addition of hooks and side mounts for Nerf blasters that is cool
  • You can keep Nerf darts in one central location too
  • The bin at the bottom is great for more Nerf stuff
  • Great Nerf storage
  • It is exactly what you expect when you purchase a storage rack with a popular brand
  • It does its job well


  • Some wish it comes with more hooks
  • Quite expensive
  • It might be flimsy for others

Where to buy:

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64

This 24 clear pockets hanging shoe organizer is one of the easiest and best ways to store Nerf guns. Just hang it on a standard door or closet rod, and there is no hardware needed.

It would protect and keep safe things against rust and damage and truly a cool way to organize just about anything. 

It's hassle-free and an inexpensive way to store not just shoes but lots of things. 


  • It does not have that plastic or vinyl smell 
  • You'll love the clear cover so you can see exactly what is in the pocket
  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Space-saver
  • Great price
  • It doesn't slide around on the door like some other ones


  • The door hooks might be too thin for some

Where to buy:

Wall Control 30-P-3232W White Metal Pegboard Pack

Wall Control 30-P-3232W White Metal Pegboard Pack

The White Metal Pegboard Pack is 10 times stronger than your typical and conventional pegboard as it's a metal panel that you'll be ensured that its holes won't frat and it wouldn't rust at all.

This metal pegboard panel is so flexible that it would accept slotted and stable hooks and likewise brackets, shelves, and pegs.

It could be directly mounted into studs or sheet-rock without the need for any framework. It's powder-coated that would guarantee you against scratches and rust, and it does look good.

These pegboards are made to last a lifetime, and they are very easy to install with a patented design that offers a more secure hook placement and slotted accessories. It includes all mounting accessories, and the package contains 2 pieces of 16in wide by 32in panels, thus giving you 32in x 32in total coverage.

Made in the USA and it also accepts magnets to hold lesser in weight things.


  • Great product.
  • It is very easy to install
  • The quality of this item is great
  • It uses both slotted hooks and as well as the traditional pegboard hooks
  • They could hold up without any rusting
  • These pegboards are very high quality 
  • They will last a lifetime
  • These pegboards are cool and look great
  • It comes with the hardware to mount them 


  • This pegboard system has less thickness than the normal and usual pegboards

Where to buy:

135PCS Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit, Pegboard Attachment

135PCS Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit, Pegboard Attachment, Pegboard Basket Set for Tools, 1/8 and 1/4 inch Pegboard Hooks Assortment, Pegboard Bins, Metal Hooks for Hanging Storage (Red)

You'll be needing this Pegboard Accessories Organizer kit along with your pegboards. The package has 135pcs of 18 different types of pegboard hooks such as pegboard baskets, peg locks, angled hooks, straight hooks, curved hooks, multi-tool rack, and more.

All accessories have a universal fit with a 0.15-inch thick diameter that is suitable for 1/8" and 1/4" pegboards with 1" spacing. The small hooks have locks to help secure them to stay on the board. 

Every pegboard accessories in this pack are of high-quality as compared to others made of plastic. They are made from durable high-grade steel that's corrosion-resistant with galvanized treatment to ensure that they won't rust or corrode anytime.


  • It's widely used to build a Nerf station for the kids to store their Nerf guns and ammo
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient. 
  • Great help if you need somethings organized.
  • Just add a hook or basket, and you could keep things tidy
  • There is a clip to hold the pegs sturdy on the board
  • This set has a great variety of hooks.
  • Does the job
  • There is a little red piece on their ends for less scratching


  • The hooks might fall out every time you remove a thing from the pegboard, so you need to reinforce them

Where to buy:

NEX Grid Photo Wall, Wire Wall Grid Panel

NEX Grid Photo Wall, Wire Wall Grid Panel for Home Dorm Decoration, Multi-Functional Wall Storage Display Grid with 4 Small Grid Panels & 3 Mess Baskets Offered, Black (32.7

This wire wall grid panel is great for decoration as well as for storage. You'll be satisfied with its durability as it's made from hardened metal with a black plastic coating and safe from getting rusty. Very sturdy and super easy to install.

It's a revolutionary way to keep your things neat and tidy and truly a space-saving storage solution for your home. 

Make this wall panel a very convenient way to hold Nerf guns securely and safely.


  • It's perfect and sturdy
  • It is very easy to put up as well!
  • It doesn't look cheap once you put it up
  • It's great, and it comes with little shelves for the wall mount
  • Looks amazing
  • A great price worth the money
  • Its design makes it versatile, and it's very well-made


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Slatwall Hook Heavy Duty

Slatwall Hook Heavy Duty,Reehi Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks for Organizing Power Tools,Ladders,Bulk Items (Pack of 8)

The Reehi Slatwall hooks are a set of 8 wall-mounted double hooks that's very solid and sturdy. Each hook comes with an extended length and has an anti-slip coating that would be awesome in organizing things in your home. 

These storage hooks are made of iron that makes them durable and sturdy. And the hook is anti-slip because of its PVC coating that's great against scratching as well.

It is effortless to install them as you could directly place Reehi Slatwall hooks to both sides of the panel groove and fix it into the groove on the panel by simply pressing it down, and it would fit perfectly. 

It's movable since you can move it to anywhere you like to put it, and they could be mounted using screws and anchors.


  • Great quality at an even better price
  • These are well-made hooks
  • are very sturdy on the slat wall
  • Super heavy-duty and nice rubber coating
  • It fits like a glove in the slat wall with outstanding quality
  • Rigid hooks
  • Holds up lots of weight


  • You'll need to bend it to fit a standard MDF slat wall

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

We've given you very affordable and useful options to properly store Nerf guns. Choose the best storage solution that would work for you best.

It's very easy to find the best way to store your Nerf guns at home. At the end of the day, you'll be happy to create or make a way to organize and keep Nerf guns tuck safely and tidy in your home.

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