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How to make colored cornstarch for kinetic sand?


Kinetic Sand is one of the hottest toys on the market for kids and parents alike. It could be molded in so many different shapes, and it only sticks to itself. 

Making kinetic sand is one of the fun things to do with cornstarch. You could try making colored kinetic sand using cornstarch. Another easy way to make colored kinetic sand is this way.

Put a teaspoon of your dishwashing liquid into a cup of water. Then, add a few drops of your chosen food coloring. Mix it well. Remember that the darker the color of your water, the more colored your sand would be.

Next, get your bowl with your sand and cornstarch completely mixed. Pour the solution you made in the cup. Make sure the solution and your dry materials of sand and cornstarch are blended well together. Add more of your solution as needed.

The sand should have been coated and is slightly damp. Do break apart any large clumps that begin to form using your solution. Your sand should have a fine mixture that's slightly damp, and perfectly colored at the end of this process.

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